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  • yahoo yahoo May 12, 2005 3:23 AM Flag

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    • I read a while ago that kgs did not have hedge
      pgm. If it is true, should kgs not announce or let
      their shareholders know?

      when gold was around
      280 their share price was 3.70Cdn.

      It did
      jump but settled down around 4.10.

      That is
      only 10% gain..

      I am really upset.


    • Hi Petco
      Like I said yesterday their hedge
      problem is basically non existent. 15 per cent now and
      when production increases, down to say 10 per cent at
      320, big deal, plus any time they have to they could
      high grade hoyle pond they and rev the engines up big
      time if they ever really had to. As for buying royal
      oak property that to me is a bonehead move as they
      are as likely to find turnips in that mine as gold.
      It has been mined since before the Magna Carta and
      it was low grade high cost then. No matter I think
      we should see it back up to five bucks pretty quick
      if gold holds in the 320 range. I own in us. dollar
      so am looking forward to 4 bucks u.s.

    • thanks for the news. I get the same 15 to 18
      percent, and in such a way as to be less risky than most.
      Thats what I wanted in going with this company over abx
      or even nem. Upside leverage. Of course if gold goes
      back down thats my problem, I just dont want it to be
      a problem on the way up, otherwize gold companies
      might as well like corn farmers, or soy bean farmers
      with the r and r
      hedged away, and not being paid
      very well for their efforts.

    • At 12;48 news out on Yahoo (Reuters) N.Amer
      producers not to be put in same basket as Ashanti and
      Cambior, via analysts from Merril and TD Securities, most
      US producers have lessthan 25% hedged and no short

    • Well I thought if they were squeezed, they
      wouldn't be buying more gold property. Of course they
      could just let the shareholders know whether there is a
      problem or not. The 900 thousand hedge over 6 years
      represents only 16% of annual production.

    • They dont have a one that seems to be
      destructive, no , as further reasearch on my part indicates,
      but there is the 38,000,000 share block overhanging
      the market. But its such a small purchase Timmins
      that I dont think it has anything to do with hedges
      one way or the other.

    • News on, that KGC bought Royal Oak Mines Timmins property, that tells me that KGC does not have a short covering problem.

    • As of June 30 Kgc had forward sales over 6 years
      900, 000 ounces between 300 and 323. When I get a more
      current response from the company I will post it or would
      appreciate anyone else posting the facts of the current and
      future plans.
      Thanks. Petco.

    • Kinross ain't cambior or ashanti. They have very
      little hedge position and will not get caught in a
      bigtime short squeeze position. This is what kept the
      price down in a bad market but will give them good
      upside if gold stays at 320 or so. No fears whatsover.
      Market overreacted bigtime yesterday.

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