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  • aurum49er aurum49er Apr 26, 2007 7:02 PM Flag

    Cramer Says to take a look at KGC

    He just spoke to Tye Burt on his show. Jim said he feels Gold should be a part of everyone's portfolio, he still likes AUY, but to look at KGC. Gave it the Bull, as it's been down as of late. I don't know if there is any significance to his recs, but thought I'd bring it up.

    disclaimer: I don't particularly like the man or his show, but I do believe he has some influence.

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    • unfortunately cramer has influence over some investors and KGC will most likely go up for a few days then down a little (like all the other stocks he suggests on his show)......on the topic of the dollar getting weaker, has anyone heard of the Amero? its the future currency of the NAU. im not sure if it will actually happen, but GWB and his controllers are insane so i wouldnt doubt it. what would this do to the price of gold?...and why isnt anyone like cramer ever talking about it?

      it was mentioned on CNBC just the other day:

    • anyone looking for a strong mid-tier producer (greater than 1MM oz gold production should look at Iamgold.

      my holdings:


    • It's better to know the devil you hate than the devil you don't. :)
      KGC and IAG have been oversold with this last US dollar rally. The dollar rallies are getting weaker and weaker with less sustainability in my opinion. Look at the 2 year charts on the Euro and Canadian dollar the trend is down for the Greenback and its all related to US debt. GWB has not turned this thing around, in fact he has over spent every year he has been in office. Look it up, GWB has been the worst fiscal manager in US history, his Daddy and Nixon were better money managers. All of the war time presidents combined have not spent as much as GWB combined. The crusades are the most expensive undertaking in US history as a percentage of GDP. What has the war actually done, depose a few dictators and leave a political vacumn in its wake.
      Name one reason why gold will go down, other than G8 manipulation by central banks. The only outcome of delaying the inevitable is an excentuated outcome of the dollar decline. Manipulation through paper creates a false market which always ends up correcting in the end.

      Look at the DOW, when ever valuations exceed earnings the market corrects in the longterm. The balloon effect always deflates to equillibrium. Markets are global and when a currency deflates magins errode and stocks fall its the basic fundemental of capital markets. A market which streches price to earning ratios always corrects. The NASDAQ implosion of 2000 is a classic example of when speculation exceeds reality. The US dollar is headed for just such an event. Gold will seem like the only recourse on that day. It could rise a hundred dollars in one session, followed by several sessions once the world grasps what GWB has baked into the dollar.


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