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  • eyt_trub eyt_trub Apr 29, 2011 10:05 AM Flag

    Is This Just A Bad Dream

    or is KGC really at $15.65 with gold at $1540?

    Wow, I hope it was just a nightmare that a guy named Tye Burt was the CEO
    and printed a ton of stock to give away to his employees to buy their

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    • I disagree that eyt_trub is working against his best interest...No he is working in the interest of the shareholders by pointing to the shenanigans of the CEO treating the company as a personal piggy bank and spoiled board of directors patting each other on the back.If enough folks would wake up and vote against ever one of their proposals and against their appointments and a new CEO with some real integrity got in there this stock would JUMP like crazy..

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      • corruption is so rife in corporate/banking
        America it should come as no surprise that most "gold" companies are peopled by the same bunch of thieves. Who's to say these guys aren't working with the governmental cronies to suppress the very thing that can protect people against the inflation caused by fiat expansion and debasement?
        Take a look at some of the managements of these companies. Did Hecla management really meet with JPM people in NY a few months ago? Why?

    • You do realize, don't you...

      That to whatever extent people's postings here affect the stock price (not much, I am guessing).....

      You are fighting against your own best interests with all your negative whining posts.
      (Assuming you really did invest in KGC and are still in)

      Any people paying attention to your posts will not rush out to buy KGC based on your posts.
      Rather, they *might* be impelled to rush out and sell - if they "buy in to" your posts.

      Repeated, nagging, whining posts just give people the opinion that they are very glad not to be married to you.

      If you think you are being an "activist" on the issue, think again.
      Activists don't (really!) spend their time whining on message boards.
      Sure they make occasional posts - maybe one a week at the most.
      They do *other* things that are far more effective.
      E.g. sending letters to the other members of the board of directors - with well thought out arguments and supporting evidence.

      If you *just* whine, people will actually tend to react *against* your urgings.

      Be a lot smarter about your campaign if you really feel that Tye should go.

      If you are just upset about losing a little on your investment -
      stop looking desperately for someone else to blame
      try to understand clearly what is happening
      (hint: KGC is not the only solid PM mining company to be under-achieving in the last few months
      in fact, I have seen articles written about how this is happening across the entire mining industry)
      and learn to suffer without so much whining (learn more patience).

      My KGC is losing value just as fast as yours is.
      I don't think that Tye is the problem.
      Really, I don't!

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      • OK. Good post, I read you loud and clear. Yes, gold/silver stocks have
        underperformed the metals, but few as much as KGC.

        However, I still believe Tye must be called out in two areas.

        1)He is a spendthrift and must reduce expenses, especially stock related

        2)It is irresponsible to bet $10 billion+ on Red Back for a company with
        a market cap of $17 billion. If KGC actually proves out at least 30 million
        ounces, some minority interests should be sold to mitigate the risk.

      • If you chart KGC, you can easily see it is a REALLY BAD investment choice.
        Yeah, yeah, yeah, soon you will see posts screaming how GREAT this stock has been to them.
        Much better Gold miner choices out there.

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