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  • crazyhorse1786 crazyhorse1786 Sep 4, 2011 4:04 PM Flag

    This news explains KGC

    That's what we need, more investigations into what people hold in real assets. The goal of the Obama administraton is to seize the wealth from all you naughty white people(and you know you are, living in your lilly white suburbs, sending your kids to good schools and working your butts off to make a living.) Get real, this is FDR on steriods.
    Only problem is FDR had hard workers returning from war ready to work their own butts off to provide for their families. When I look around all I see are very large butts.

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    • US presidents are SPOKESMEN for the country.Thats it for $500000 a year,security,benefits,prestige,abuse,early aging,Etc .Obama is and has been a yes man for the Harvard group,Goldman Sacs,and JP Morgan.Obama can make minimum of $200 grand per 1 hour of oratory.At a minimum of 2 speeches per week he can make 50 million a year and buy gold with it.Thats exactly what he will do after losing to Rick Perry or some other wanabee.The economy of the word is run by the world banks,Goldman Sacs,JP Morgan,the Rothchilds and a few other" ELITE ".

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