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  • whitesands_8 whitesands_8 Apr 13, 2012 3:01 PM Flag

    Anyone Receive Their Proxy?

    When it comes to KGC I vote AGAINST all board members and their recommendations.

    KGC could be a good company unfortunately they have very poor management.

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    • I disagree. They are a good company. Management is not perfect, but KGC is producing huge amounts of gold by industry standards, is profiting, and growing.

      With the increase in the POG that is on its way, even if they were a poor management, they would still do very well despite themselves, simply because in the future gold is the place to be.

      I think KGC's share price is dramatically down due to the company being targeted, victimized by heavy short and naked short manipulators. However, the loftiness of the future's POG will bury the shorts, where the shorts will be receiving margin calls, scrambling to cover, as panic buying takes place en mass throughout the gold securities market. The shorts' buy-to-covers orders will only add fuel to the fire, and that scenario may be here very soon.

      The implication of a short of KGC position is: the US dollar is going to stay up. Do you believe that?

      Do you think there is any news that might surface that could cause the dollar to drop a lot all at once. Are there other likely events that could materialize that could cause the POG to soar forcing a short covering frenzy?

      Buyers for KGC here, at this price, have the shorts to thank for their bargain. I don't believe the shorts are limitless in their resources to manipulate KGC's share price, at least not in the face of a dollar plunge, a nuclear strike in the mid-east, or who knows what?

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      • I own KGC and believe it is a good value--a rising gold price
        will cause KGC to rise DESPITE poor management. The only reason
        that KGC may outperform in the future is that it has lost
        over 60% while gold rallied from $1000 to $1700.

        The Aurelian and Red Back acquisitions were terrible strategic
        decisions, causing KGC to dramatically underperform its peer
        group of large gold producers for many years. Why should
        shareholders reward management for poor performance?

        Management sucks--pure and simple. Management grossly overpaid
        for acquisitions and then was forced to delay development of
        those projects because of financial mismanagement and a
        shortage of cash. Not only should Tye Burt not receive a bonus,
        he should be terminated ASAP and face criminal charges for
        insider trading and stock manipulation. Why should shareholders
        vote to allow crook Tye Burt to print himself stock and then
        turn around and dump it on the public?,%20Tye%20Winston/All%20Types/

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