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  • eyt_trub eyt_trub Mar 25, 2013 3:54 PM Flag


    It won't let me reply--I have 45% in stocks, 40% in cash, and 15% gold/silver.
    Many of the stocks have been held for several decades XOM, PEP for example.
    I'll never sell them unless something very serious happens. I stay between 0%
    and 20% gold and 0% to 10% short to somewhat hedge.Even though I will
    overall lose money today, it feels good to be right to fade the Cyprus deal.

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    • first of all i was talking about us banks,,,,,,,,,second i like youre assest alocation.....third if wish i could manage youre money ... xom is a dog was 95 5 years ago like kgc their reserves are most likely have you money with a non active firm.........i look for growth companies thats why my top holdings are going gangbusters.......etn hon sam celg ahs ctb dal gis cmg are some of my top and hold id dead you have to look for companies growing fast and adjust to the changing times.........gltu side bet ill take ngd in the gold sector and you hold kgc and my point will be proven.......

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      • I have owned XOM for over 30 years, the annual dividend is a 60% return on invested capital.

        I am a conservative investor, happy just to preserve money. I take my big risks trading with a small amount of money. I'm sure many people have done much better, but I'm extremely happy to have 15% more assets than I did at peak valuation in 2007. Always holding cash and hedging, my risk adjusted return suits me fine. Today's trade--looking to short IWM.

    • fine but why would you say the banks are not safe thats a dumb statement.......... when was the last time anyone in the usa lost money that was in a bank.........

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