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  • technosemd technosemd Feb 1, 2012 11:30 AM Flag

    TLOC & Chicago

    Do you 2 know what Folie à deux means?

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    • I do.

      What makes you address the question to 2 people that are Obviously Positive in Sentiment on the STMP's message board?

      I have backed all my Posts w/Supporting Technical Analysis and/or Rationale.

      So your Question seems to infer that you are on the other side of my Posts?

      If so, why don't you enlighten Us as to why you would direct such an odd question Our way?

      I would hope that you, in your reply, would match the Supporting Data that We have provided to the message board... and thanks (in advance) for doing so.

      btw, I see this is your 2nd Post ever on a Yahoo Message board.

      Congratulations on your 2nd Post Ever.

      This part is just a hunch on my part, but this ID "technosemd"...

      Its not just a 2nd (3rd, 4th, etc.) ID that you pull out when you want to feed the mystery of your past posts on the STMP (or any other stock for that matter) board, when you want to remain Anonymous and Don't Care to share your "past history" of Opinion... is it?

      None-the-less... Please continue with your "Delusional Overtone" Comments/Reply in relation to Our Posts.

    • this is getting old - no copies, no cheats, no 5th graders to interpret stuff for me...

      Thank goodness for wikipedia (btw have you contributed yet?). Wiki's def: "from the French for 'a madness shared by two.'"

      News for ya - I'm only a little "mad" - I'm mostly just ANGRY - and guess what - it works.

      My advice has been the same for a long time now...Buy and Hold. This stock could actually fit Buffett's idea of the perfect stock, ie. one with a holding period of "forever."

      But what the hell do I know?


    • tell me I'm all ears...

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