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  • winbig33069 winbig33069 Apr 27, 2012 10:27 PM Flag

    WHO'S shorty????

    sorry to say but u must be a real idiot. first of all i was long some options into earnings (great percent but small play for me) and second i just read a few of your comments and you do not have a clue on investing bless u that u might of made some money ...just a thought buy and hold guru do u hold forever ?? double ??? triple??? so i guess based on your thinking u hold nflx from 100 to 200??? then to 300??? or if u get in at 225 and goes to 300, still hold???? what do they do at 83??? great company??? 20 pe tons of cash what then??? bulls n bears make money pigs get slaughtered

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    • Another few years you may be able to put a whole paragraph together.


      Buy and Hold - shorty's in trouble. I know it, Neo knows it, frankly, anyone paying attention know's it.

    • Who's shorty? - Who cares?

      I think it was Buffett who said his favorite holding period was "forever", and it just seemed reasonable that if he likes companies that he's comfortable holding "forever", I thought I'd look for one too...and guess what chuckleheads - Found One!!!

      Call Buffett if you want to discuss his reasoning about looking for companies he can hold forever, I'm just mimicking "the best."

      If you're a trader congratulations - now go back to being ignored. If you're a short...well, you shoulda kept those calls - you're gonna need em.


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