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  • winbig33069 winbig33069 Oct 23, 2012 7:36 PM Flag

    where is the buy and hold dope????

    as i always say on these boards it is not 20 years n hold will get u nowhere!!!! yes u can n will get lucky, but using market n Resistance and charts is the ONLY WAY TO MAKE REAL MONEY OVER THE LONG TERM.. last earnings suxed..i took loss and bought 3 POINTS lower!!!!! nailed it back to 22.75... long some yesterday and today for earning.. buy and hold AOL DEATH nflx COMATOSE msft down 4 g's since 2000 GET A CLUE yeah buy and hold lehaman brothers from 70's 80's 90's yeah buy more keeps going RETIREMENT GONE!!!!!!!!! GM AIG BEAR STERNS....stop giving people poor advice...we agree sometime...I love stmp...but all it is a stock PERIOD a vehicle to make money.....marry women...marry men...NOT STOCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • He's watching the big green numbers in his brokerage account turning like the national debt sign.

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    • When exactly do you suggest the Sheeple trade with you...most of us that still have real jobs go to them early and come how late so we don't lose what little security we have left...

      Poor little short sellers, my heart bleeds for you - boo hoo.

      btw chuckles, if Buy AND HOLD is such a bad strategy for Longs/Sheeple why do you chuckleheads hate it so much? You've spent years (literally) trying to muzzle me because I'm a much better insulter than any of you clowns...not to mention I've made a crapload of money following my own advice...does it get dicey from time to time - darn right it does...but can I still look in the mirror every morning and not feel like a cheap pickpocket - NO PROBLEM.


      Now - go commit a biologically impossible and unnatural act...or the market will get around to doing it for you in a day or two...

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      • first of all congrats on a great day i am out of my options plus 245 % and i could of made even more second of all Ur full of crap that u have made tons of money with Ur approach cause u have never posted a wrong move...which all people know is impossible.. when stmp was slammed last earnings..if u would of bailed like i did and bought back 2 points lower (actually could of got it even lower) you would of cut ur cost basis, no matter how long you have owned it, by 20 to 40 % THATS how you make money.. protect your downside and MAXIMIZE the upside... I am starting a small short position , although I think stmp is a great company and stock.. it would be healthy for it to pull back and base while this market bumps along and to shake out some players

    • ie. Please trade with us - we're screwed.


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