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  • tolickorclick tolickorclick Nov 16, 2012 7:40 AM Flag

    So Sheeple...

    How many of you crazy fools actually took the time to file a complaint with the SEC?

    Should we start holding our breath now?

    And how did I know you're crazy fools? - easy - you're reading this. (g)


    Buy AND HOLD - crazy or not - it works.

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    • Don't let your greed get to you. It'll eat you up. Gets in your heart and then goes to your head.

      STMP was trading below $20 a couple months ago. So today it's up over 20%. How greedy does someone have to be to complain about that?

      Remember that shorty's scared, so this little move down after a huge quick move up shouldn't concern you.

      Hey, I almost began rebuilding my STMP position when it got down in the $19s. I wish I had, but I'm not going to complain about it. Why complain and blame other people?

      I sold above $30 near the beginning of 2012 (as I announced in real time). I've been looking to get long ever since but have stayed away (except for a quick long trade a few months ago - also announced in real time for both the buy and the sale).

      I'll be watching the price action and looking for an entry point, but I doubt I'll get a near-term opportunity to get in all the way down in the $19s. Time will tell.

      Now, about those sheeple... Licker, tell the people all about it!

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      • We're human dude...stuck with greed, fear, love, hate...the whole stinky bag...we get a few years here to sort through it and try to get rid of the bigger stinkier pieces before they carry us out feet first, cold, and invariably, with empty pockets...(g)

        So maybe we should just cut the crap, cause if there's one thing that a lightening rod knows - it's lightening. I don't think lightening can really help itself - especially when the damn lightening rod just keeps standing there day in and day out...

        No more tick tock dude, times up - you've been trying to get out from under this thing for a while now - but refusing to take any big losses, but to hold it down you've had to average down - which sucks for a short...but life is hard. Now you're stuck - big money is getting fed up too...the Sheeple won't sell, you can't get the retail traders to jump back in the soup, and if they do they probably have just had to become buy and holders or take a loss - and given the fundamentals of this company - what would you do? The more you push the worse it gets - for you.

        Your position is BURNT TOAST. You better get out of it before the whole damn mansion goes up in flames.


        Sheeple, if you're still here, you sure as hell don't need me telling you what to do.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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