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  • tolickorclick tolickorclick Dec 31, 2012 10:10 AM Flag

    Happy Fiscal Cliff Everyone!

    one word...


    Next election - if it says "incumbant" - vote for the other person - but only if it says something other than Democrat or Republican by their name. A House and Senate filled with "American-Style" communists, independents, and greens would suit me just fine - for one term anyway to see how they do...gotta send a message somehow and throwing the bums out seems to be the only option, short of another civil war...I'd rather just vote em out.

    I mean come on...when the "powers that be" legislate an entire industry into being whose sole purpose is to be a drag on, and an overt bet against publicly traded companies, ie. a bet against our own economy - something is broken. Hedge Funds are simply a symptom of a much bigger problem - monetization of GREED.

    Greed is okay when it's focussed in the right direction. Profit, innovation, job creation, market expansion, etc... It's a total waste of time and energy when its just focussed on taking money away from each other.

    If it makes sense - BUY IT - HOLD IT. Let the IDIOTS dance - they're on thin ice anyway.

    Happy Cliff - Bend your knees, tuck and roll on'll live.


    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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