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  • tolickorclick tolickorclick Jan 23, 2013 10:08 AM Flag

    A Question

    Does extremely LOW SUPPLY = HIGH DEMAND when the float is as thin as STMP's?

    I'd say yes as long as the fundamentals support the price of the shares.

    That's why, IMO - STMP is about to explode on any "good" news. (Like it always has...)

    No Supply + Pent-up AND Built-in Demand. Just need a spark. A declaration of a regular dividend and a great quarter should just about ice this cake.

    I'd get on it chuckleheads - it's not going to get any better. Mr. Market doesn't like to be manipulated, and neither do Sheeple.


    Buy AND HOLD/SQUEEZE - Sheeple it doesn't get much better for us than this - Get Angry - Get Rich! Unless of course you enjoy letting the chuckleheads push you around...(now come on guys, sell it down so I can take a few more shares out of circulation, so few you probably won't even notice...until it's too late - oh boo hoo.)

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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