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  • tolickorclick tolickorclick Feb 17, 2013 8:58 AM Flag

    Well, fig...

    Now what? Dya, think many Sheeple are going to cough up shares to you guys? Take a look at STMP’s 10 year chart and you tell me...look at where this stock has been and why, and look at where it is now - and why.

    The problem with those pesky charts is that they do actually show something, but only when read with a complete understanding of the underlying fundamentals - otherwise they don't mean anything more than a random etch-a-sketch drawing... You know what STMP's chart is telling me? It says: “YOU GOT LUCKY...”

    How long does the market punish STMP for a small revenue miss when every other metric was stellar? I don't know...but my gut, the chart, and the fundamentals tells me “not long.”

    I find myself actually hoping you get covered and back the hell off. I’d actually wish you genuine good luck In that endeavor. I’d be hoping you were buying shares from some big institution that was making a nice profit for it’s shareholders instead of some poor sap who just bought in before the earnings and is #$%$ his pants.

    My advise to the “fillers-of-pants” would be - “get used to it” - everybody craps their pants the first time and sometimes every time... Don’t waste all the rounds in your magazine - hunker down - and place some rounds downrange when the opportunity moves you...shorty can charge if he wants to, but as long as you don’t sell - he can’t reach your position...if you actually have the cojones to stick your head up and squeeze the trigger from time to time - so much the better. The more people who don’t sell the stronger everyone’s position becomes.

    Sheeple - think of yourselves as the “infantry”. You can fall back (sell) and try to regroup (ie. put the money to work somewhere else) and push forward (buy again) later, or you can simply hold your ground, and push forward later - since we’ve already taken the high ground (look at the 10 year chart), and you’re walking and not mounted - what makes more sense to you?

    We’re grunts Sheeple - we’ve got about a 99% chance of staying that way - in the market and out of it. Deal With It! RAH!


    Buy AND HOLD

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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