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  • tolickorclick tolickorclick May 30, 2013 8:18 AM Flag

    The "Disconnect" Discussion

    Saw a talking torso on TV the other day discussing the disconnect between stock prices and the underlying fundamentals - the message being that the market is overvalued in relation to the earnings, revenue, growth, etc..., of the underlying companies. I guess if you boil it down he was saying the market PE is too high... I dunno - I don't care. I own STMP which has always had exactly the opposite problem. For whatever reason STMP has always had a target on it's back, and a PE between 10 and 19 even over the last few years when the EPS has been growing at a rate about 2X the PE.

    So, what happens when the disconnect goes the other way and a stock and it's price gets held down for an extended period of time (uh - like a decade maybe...)?

    I dunno - but I think we're gonna find out - what do you think shorty?


    Buy AND HOLD - gaps must be filed - even the ones between shorty's ears.

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    • This things going vertical...hope you've got your G suit handy shorty...

      Anybody big wants's your chance...shorty will have to defend his position or get squeezed out of it - push a little if you want shares they'll be forthcoming between $38 and $38.50.


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