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  • tolickorclick tolickorclick Mar 28, 2014 8:05 AM Flag

    Why Wall Street is a Rigged Game

    After having sat where i've sat for well over a decade now, I guess that may give me a bit of rein to run my mouth, and if not, I've always got my wife to shorten my leash (Honey, please note: I did say "always"...)

    Everyone's heard of the Fear and Greed cycle in the market, I'm sure there are a couple hundred books written on the subject. All of them should be subtitled "How to Shear Sheeple."

    It's like hunting bear - let's say brown or grizzly just to keep it interesting. Big, Powerful, nothing between what he wants except a very sturdy high tree, or a high powered rifle. But hunters hunt - it's what we do.

    If the bear catches a hunter off guard running is usually a very bad option, unless its down a very steep hill and you don't mind rolling and running and rolling and running and rolling and running and rolling and running - well you get the picture, but it better be steep enough to slow the bear down, and you better like what you're doing, cause it won't stop until the bear decides it will stop.

    Two steps and up a sturdy tree is really the only place to run, but bears of that size can sometimes just tear the tree down to kill you. So, if you're a hunter you know what you have to do when caught off guard by a bear - kill it if you have ammunition, or at a minimum stand your ground. It's the same in the market.

    The reason the market is rigged, is that now the mountains are full of bears on steroids. No up-tick rule, ie. no really steep hill longs can run down knowing a bear with its big fat butt will have to sit and slide to keep from going head over heals - as long as the slope is steep enough. Used to be like that in the market with the up-tick rule, but not anymore - the bears can run downhill as fast as they want - thank you SEC! And they can run faster than ever before, what with new laser technology so their super computers can trade at the speed of light - ooooooo impressive - how's the new laser workin' fig? "Hurry up and wait..." I'd bet.

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