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  • tolickorclick tolickorclick May 9, 2014 5:54 PM Flag

    Gee fig...

    sorry if I made ya mad - but "click to ignore"? Pretty drastic don't ya think - after all I'm just a Sheeple dude - nobody you should be concerned with.


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    • Can you please explain what you mean? Or is there another poster here that I'm not seeing?????

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      • View the webpage by messages, ie. click the "Messages" tab. Make sure you have "all" selected in the pulldown menu or it will only show the last three months worth of messages, and if someone responds to an old message you won't see it if you're viewing the page as "Topics" and the topic was more than 3 months old.

        The poster I'm replying to is: thermo_bea (aka "figment" because he only exists in my head - he told me so.)

        The post that fig is referring to occurred at a time when fig was pretending to be my friend and a Long shareholder of STMP. I knew he was full of it because I don't have any friends. He's a big short, and the big shorts are in trouble because the float is so tight, and people are fed up, I'd know - I've been here every step of the way.

        This message board has boiled down to me and figment and the yahoos who censor me every once in a while when the chuckleheads (fig and his buddies) get tired of me making the case for a BUY AND HOLD strategy in order to counter the price control the shorts and the MMs have. This stock will sit for 15 - 30 minutes at times and not trade a share - I think it's kinda getting on the HFTs nerves just a bit. Not sure but it may have something to do with the 500K shares short - oh, boo hoo...


        BUY AND HOLD

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    • ...but for some reason fig, you just keep coming back pleading your case. Go figure.


      BUY AND HOLD - even though figment doesn't really exist - if he did - it would really eat his lunch.

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