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  • playainmakin playainmakin Mar 21, 2008 5:04 PM Flag

    Just saw BagBoy! It's going to be a hit!

    Everyone in theatre was dying of laughter. Dennis Farina gives a solid performance. Great writing, the screenplay and directing is very clever and fresh material. Lot of unknown actors will become famous later.
    This movie has the Benchwarmers vibe with a little TommyBoy, meets Anchorman. Great casting and well-made movie. It will make a huge profit near-term in the rental DVD to sya the least and should end up a classic hit with College kids as did Office Space. Hilarious movie. Haven't laughed this hard at theatre since "Wedding Crashers" or "I Now pronounce you...and Larry". Don't want to spoil it for anybody. Watch it and see. Time to load up and back up the truck on Monday! This Movie is a riot and going to catapult lots of investment serious investment money for future projects and endeavors. Very smart of NLPoons to keep this movie on the low profile and acquire thier own distribution network to keep expenses at a minimu. This is just the beginning folks. Don't let the price of this stock fool you. I can see this easily well above 1.00/share by summer!

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    • you hit right on the money.
      The maxwell team needs to go to prison i agree i heard that they fled the country.
      We shell all sue them for losses they caused a lot a of honest people.

    • Actually that is exactly what happened. Maxwell ran a boiler room! They should go to jail! And SEC should make them liable to buy back the shares they prematurely sold off. There was a conflict of interest no doubt about it!
      After they initially promoted RRPH.ob the stock IPO'd in the 2.20's. Then they pumped it up released the prospectus flyer to get new money in, the stock went to 3.00 and they began the illegal selloff of shares. The stock plumetted and dropped instantly over night for no reason. Down to 2.15. Only could have happened with either insider selling or Maxwell. So it was Maxwell and there is not enough trading volume to believe it was all naked short selling. Although there was some and my guess it was Maxwell the whole time running down the stock possibly hiring a firm to help shortsell some of the stock while they rebought and resold at a higher price. There was short covering becuase as you all recall the stock did come back after it hit 1.90 Red Rock Ceo issued a statement that there was no reason for this decline and held it was naked shorting and manipulation. Shorts covered wuickly. Stock instantly rebounded back to 2.70. My guess is Maxwell stil held some shares or bought back as shorts covered and then resumed to selloff remaining shares at a nice profit. And as the price drifted down you will see that there was less volume trading and the price decline has been more a victim of weak hands puttingstoplosses while Shorters steadily have been shaking out longs and brining down the price steadily since then. Maxwell I doubt owns any shares except maybe trying to reaccumulate at these levels only to try and resell at a higher price later. There has been little activity in the stock for now. Wait for earnings. Be patient.

    • So if Maxwell sold off all its 18 million shares, that might be in part, the explanation for the price being driven down to .04. question is, what is the likelihood that something like that could happen again? If RRPH is recruiting a new IR, isn't it likely they will again pay the new IR firm via shares? If Maxwell did indeed dump its shares, is there anything illegal about that? It seems to me if they were selling off their shares, forcing the stock price into a downward trend, while representing RRPH that would be a conflict of interest. Of course, nobody knows when Maxwell stopped being the IR, so I guess they could have dumped their shares after they stopped representing RRPH. At any rate, if you have any thoughts, I'd be interested in your analysis.

    • I am a buyer at these prices. Will sell at .50

    • i can tell you this if they will show revenue no way this stock sit at 6 cents no way.

    • yh you might be right i can tell you this it will be very hard to move it higher since a lot of sellers andshorts are waiting on the sideline

    • That's an opinion. For you to say we need a miracle is a little exaggerated. The employees of RRPH that work on the movies are an experienced group and are above a fly by night home-made student film makers. They hire professionals and make decent pictures. NLN would not be associated with them if they were. I think what you nayssayers and doubters that lost a lot of money initially need to give the company a break. Patience. 2 or 3 pictures later and you will be kicking yourselves for not accumulating more shares at this current low price level. .06 invested today could be worth $10 - $20/share in 3-5 years and maybe more if a larger company decides to merge with RRPH and offer a premium for a buy-out. Be patient. I can't stress this point enough to the negative naysayers on the board. Whoever sold at .04 is now kicking them selves becuase they'ed be 50% richer today had they held on and not listened to negativity and "dead-dog" analogies that are exaggerated claims.

    • Wow...that's got to be tough tieing up your money of your aren't long in any of your stocks. You guys sure make it hard on us longs...LOL At any rate, what a bummer that they lied to you. Maybe that is why RRPH is changing IR firms.

    • ok thx maxwell is the firm who pumped it to me and my group.
      They did the same thing on rspg where we lost millions.
      I think that rrph needs a miracle to see it moving.

    • They didnt im a short term trader i have no patience holding into no way out stocks like this one.

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