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  • playainmakin playainmakin Apr 1, 2008 10:56 AM Flag

    Just saw BagBoy! It's going to be a hit!

    Actually that is exactly what happened. Maxwell ran a boiler room! They should go to jail! And SEC should make them liable to buy back the shares they prematurely sold off. There was a conflict of interest no doubt about it!
    After they initially promoted RRPH.ob the stock IPO'd in the 2.20's. Then they pumped it up released the prospectus flyer to get new money in, the stock went to 3.00 and they began the illegal selloff of shares. The stock plumetted and dropped instantly over night for no reason. Down to 2.15. Only could have happened with either insider selling or Maxwell. So it was Maxwell and there is not enough trading volume to believe it was all naked short selling. Although there was some and my guess it was Maxwell the whole time running down the stock possibly hiring a firm to help shortsell some of the stock while they rebought and resold at a higher price. There was short covering becuase as you all recall the stock did come back after it hit 1.90 Red Rock Ceo issued a statement that there was no reason for this decline and held it was naked shorting and manipulation. Shorts covered wuickly. Stock instantly rebounded back to 2.70. My guess is Maxwell stil held some shares or bought back as shorts covered and then resumed to selloff remaining shares at a nice profit. And as the price drifted down you will see that there was less volume trading and the price decline has been more a victim of weak hands puttingstoplosses while Shorters steadily have been shaking out longs and brining down the price steadily since then. Maxwell I doubt owns any shares except maybe trying to reaccumulate at these levels only to try and resell at a higher price later. There has been little activity in the stock for now. Wait for earnings. Be patient.