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  • iampeter_loew iampeter_loew Dec 10, 2011 2:30 PM Flag

    Short Interest Up AGAIN Nov. 30th

    That is amazing. Why are short sellers absolutely piling onto this stock? Are they going through accounting fraud or something?

    I have never seen this before in what is seemingly a normal coal company and was once a favorite. Over 11 million shares are short now. These guys own the stock movement too. Forget about a huge short squeeze, unless an upgrade comes out or they produce blow-out earnings.

    Travelzoo has had high short interest for over a year and the stock never gained momentum back. Each pop was thwarted by shorts attacking it again and again. It's no different than NFLX, GMCR, and the like. Once shorts get their claws in on a low volume stock, it takes a lot of money going long to break their grip.

    Longs should be very concerned about this. What do the shorts see that longs don't? Over 41% of the float is betting that this stock price is going down from here. It is already trading 4 dollars below book value now. They must be going out of business or something or have internal acounting problems that someone knows about.

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