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  • chinarallpigsaccountedfor chinarallpigsaccountedfor Aug 1, 2012 8:08 AM Flag

    over 1 billion people less then 7 days of coal stock. Huge shortage!!!!!

    Part of the problem is that India relies on coal for more than half its power generation and the coal supply is controlled by a state near-monopoly that is widely considered a shambles.

    A recent survey showed nearly all the coal-fueled plants had less than seven days of coal stock, a critical level, and many of the country's power plants were running below capacity, according to Samiran Chakraborty, head of research at Standard Chartered, a financial services company. Government bureaucracy has made it difficult to bring more plants online.

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    • chinarallpigsaccountedfor chinarallpigsaccountedfor Aug 1, 2012 12:10 PM Flag

      India by trying to negotiate cheap coal on the market they no longer have sufficient coal to power plants.

      Billions of dollars must be spent to stockpile coal again at higher rates.

    • An estimated 620 million people lost state-provided electricity when India's northern, eastern and northeastern grids failed Tuesday afternoon. It followed Monday's failure of the northern grid, which left 370 million people powerless.

      The power deficit was worsened this year by a weak monsoon that lowered hydroelectric generation, spurred farmers to use pumps to irrigate their fields long after the rains would normally have come, and kept temperatures higher, keeping air conditioners and fans running longer.