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  • colelittle96 colelittle96 Aug 2, 2012 8:38 AM Flag

    $4 to $60 in 10months

    I, sincerely appreciate your enthusiasm, but past experience does not equate to future results. Now, the coal market is in a transition, it is changing, domestic numbers are twindling while exports are increasing. What does the future hold? Who knows for sure, can change in a drop of the hat.

    Coal will recover as natural gas climbs. Confident that JRCC will see 20 bucks, again. Hopefully, you are correct and we test highs.

    Good Luck to all LONGS.

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    • Could you comment on the issue of low number of ports to accommodate exporting and the practicality of shipping coal to far distance parts such as India and China.

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      • True, it is more cost effective for China and India to buy their coal from Austraila, when shipping cost efficacies are taking into account. Many say that Indonesia have vast coal reserves, this would really be attractive for both India and China.

        True, from earth to truck, from truck to storage, from storage to load, from load to rail, from rail to port, from port to car, from car to ship, from ship to Asia, from Asia to barge/car, from rail/river to location, from location to plant, is quite a monumental task. The balance sheet curtailment, is self-evident.

        But, it is a avenue worth taking. What is your option? Death.

        Iff, I was a politician; I would use our trade policies to help stimulate the sale of coal, by means of strong arm tactics.

      • Sad to say, that I am ignorant of port/shipping issues, so I cannot comment.

        Just one little bit of information.I believe that in Washington State they are trying to accomadate coal shipping at four ports.

      • In the previous 2007-2008 coal rally, we did not need to export much coal at all.

        Existing US sea port facility is already sufficient to handle increased coal export volume. The top 10 US ports handled several billion tons of goods per year. MANY times higher than the US coal export volume in 2011 which was 107M tons.