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  • cadmium_telluride cadmium_telluride Mar 20, 2013 2:33 PM Flag

    They Control the Share Price You Control Your Money!

    Folks, make no mstake about it. There are powerful hedge funds shorting JRCC and other coal companies at the rock bottom. There are no indication they are unwinding their short positions any time soon. They have to be forced to cover at a much later time. But their game continues.

    Would these hedge funds short AAPL or other big names? Would they have shorted AAPL at the high of $700 a fewmonths ago? They wouldn't have. They don't play fundamentals, they play manipulations. AAPL or any big name are too big for these kiddie hedge funds with a couple hundred million monopoly money to play.
    But they LOVE playing JRCC at nearly $2 a share, or any stocks at their most miserable lows. Because then, relative to the small market capital of the companies, they have plenty of power to MANUPULATE the shares. They can push the share price a lot higher on one day, and then push it a lot lower the next day, and they keep spreading fears on message boards.

    The KEYWORD is manipulation. Why manipulate? Because they want to play you emotions. They push the price a lot higher and you retail traders rush in to buy. And then they pushsuddenly push it a lot lower and then you sell in a panic for a loss. And then suddenly they jack up the share price again so you are not going to buy back at the prices you sold, and have to pay a lot more to buy. They rinse and repeat, you keep losing money and you let them rip you off.

    Do keep one thing in mind, they ARE in control of the price and move the price any way they want. But they are NOT in control of YOUR MONEY, and YOUR trade decision. They set the prices, but it is up to you to decide whether to buy or sell at a certain price, or just sit tight. The smart thing to do is take advantage of their manipulation, buy when they push for lower prices, and sell some when they suddenly pull up.

    If you can not do the buy low and sell high, at least just hold your shares firm. Just don't let them play you. If you cannot control yourself, just walk away

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    • Didn't I tell you that the biggest fear for longs is if you sell for a swing trade, and one day BOOM it rallies a lot up, and you have forever lost the best opportunity in the market in ten years. How are you going to buy back shares after it rallied 40% in a day like today? You can not.

      That's why I have been pounding on the table to urge people to buy at $1.50 and hold firm!!!

      Sayo Nara for all of your lose*rs who have sold and who is now forever out of the super coal cycle opportunity.

      Stick to coal for a good two year rally!

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    • Cadium, you chased PCX to the end. It is deja vu all over again!!! JRCC will go bankrupt.

    • fortunately I do control my money and passed on JRCC when either barron's or Money gave JRCC a buy in $7-$8 range.

    • As I said the shorties can push the share price down any way they want. If they can sell JRCC at 5 cents and they expect to get so sellers to follow them, yes they will be happy to short at 5 cents per shares.

      Once again, they make the price available. It is up to YOU, when you see that price, whether you sell and walk away, or buy and hold firm.

      If you sell JRCC at $1.50-ish, fine with you. You are happy with that price, then good deal for you! For me, a good deal is BUY at that price.

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    • Once again JRCC is udner a vicious short attack. The shorts will push share price down at any cost, to any point they want. The goal is force you to sell to them cheap.

      Do the exact opposite, by at the cheap price. If they push down more, buy even more.

      I am getting my next pay check tomorrow. I wish I had it today so I can buy more.

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      • Even if we were to accept your thesis of a coal stock recovery (and JRCC in particular), the real problem with your postings is that you clearly have no sense of the timing of the event. And that is demonstratively true. You've been calling for this strange, odd, twisted concept of NG prices going up but NG-based companies going bankrupt at the same time and coal companies thus shooting through the roof on NG price rises to happen for... well, a very long time now. The exact opposite has occurred.

        If you can't self-analyze the reasons for this huge failure on your part, then you have no business continuing to pump your theories to other people. I'm sorry for being harsh here, but that's the basic problem.

        I am personally starting to get somewhat more bullish on the coal industry, but part of MY thesis is that another major coal stock has to go B.K. before a true turn-around can happen. And in my view, JRCC is a good candidate for being the next chip to fall down. There's just too much slack in the electricity generation sector. It isn't just about natural gas any more.

        My bullishness extends to starting to buy well out of the money call LEAPs (2015 when possible) on selected names. I would never actually plop down the cash to buy a coal stock... it's way too dangerous (as you found out the hard way).


      • you have been on the that same speech since this was $3

    • The shorties control the JRCC share price, NOT you.

      But YOU control your own trade, not them. You decide whether to buy or sell, NOT them.

      So what do you do when they push price lower? You should take advantage of that and BUY, instead of being taken advantage of and sell to the shorties.

      Do NOT let them cover here. Keep them shorties for a big bad short squeeze lateron at $10+.

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    • The volume is effectively non-exist. The shorts still controls the price firmly not letting it move a penny.

      What does it tell you? The gam is getting too old it is so boring. The shorts want to trigger panic selling. But there is really no one panicing and no one selling. It'sjust shorts selling from one hand to the other hand.

      Sooner or later the shorts need to buy 8M+ shares to cover. Where can they get the shares if longs are not selling? It will have to be resolved in a fierce short squeeze soon. The shorts need to panic now.

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    • Actually, the short interest is very small. The smallest it's been in a year. It was pretty small last month as well.

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      • There are 8.22M shares of JRCC shorted, out of 34M float shares, at current average daily volume it takes 15 days to cover. That's very high short ratio.

        The fact that trade volume of JRCC is so un-precedently LOW, tells that the traders are largely PURGED. We only have people who are willing to hold for long term and not interested in getting in and out daily. That's BAD news for the shorts, How are they going to find 8M shares to buy to cover, if every long simply holds their shares for long term?

        Stick with coal.

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    • As I said, the shortas control the share price. They wanted to push JRCC below $2.00, and they did exactly that and pushed JRCC to below $2.00 close.

      It's up to YOU to decide what you want to do with that share price. It'sup to you to decide to sell, or buy, or hold. If shorts have their way, they would very much like to grab your fingers and push your fingers to press down that sell button. They don't have that magic power. Your fingers are still under your control.

      So trade wisely and take advantage of the dirt cheap share price that shorties created for you. I wish my tax refund comes in today so I can buy more shares. Once I get the money I will not hesitate to buy more JRCC shares here.

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    • Once again the shortie hedge funds CONTROL the JRCC share price. But don't let them control your money.

      They can move the price any way they want. They can borrow JRCC shares and then sell it for $2.0 or $1.75. That's their own money. They can do so. They can even borrow shares and sell it for $1 per share or even $0.50. I would not understand why any one would do that. But the shortie kiddies managing those hedge funds can do so as long as they love to do so. That's their money to play.

      But you, my fellow longs, don't need to be as stupid as the shorts are. They sell shares at $2.05. They you should TAKE those shares at $2.05. Don't see something cheap just because some one else is stupid and is willing to sell shares cheap. The shorties willhave to cover at much higher prices. You know that.

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