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  • stephenemerson2002 stephenemerson2002 Apr 2, 2013 10:44 AM Flag

    Where is Mark Anthony when you need him?

    First it was take all of your money and put it into PCX. Then it was take all of your money and put it into JRCC. The last post I read, he says that he would no longer be buying JRCC. Oh fearless cadmiumnitrate, what does thou do now?

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    • You don't need me.

      I am sticking around and I am sticking to coal positions. The other people have abandoned coal. It looks clear that those people who abandon coal do not want to listen to me and thus they don't need me.

      I am on my own. If I end up making a huge amount of money out of coal it's all my own deed. If you end up missing the opportunity it's all your own fault. Can't blamn it on me. Once again you do not need me. You are on your own. Isn'tthat always the case in investments? You are always on your own.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • As I said, no one needs me. You just need to have your GUTS to hold your coal positions firm. You need to have the guts to push that finger of yours on the buy button to buy at the low. Or at least, hold it against your urge to sell at the low to take the loss.

        Who are guy guys who sold below $1.50. Why did you do that, knowing full well it was nothing but blatant maniuplation, amid flying natural gas prices and rising coal prices.

      • Hey fk bstrd shorts, i am loaded here, now you bstrds responsibility is to make me rich bstrds.

      • Cadmium, it is ok to stick to your coal stocks (I am too, even though I am a small fish) but always keep some cashola in case JRCC goes go belly up and leads to a drop in other coal miners (sympathy play). That is when we need to double/triple down for the win. I am holding $500 in case JRCC goes to say 0.20-0.30 and has a chance of making it and I wont mind losing that $500 if it doesnt work out.

      • asian cowboy brown nosers drowning in the river mark anthony says you are on your own now up a creek with out a paddle~ do not forget to cash in 401k ira margin the house brokerage credit cards to hilt go the pawn shop donate plasma donate you kidneys corneas liver & spleen