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  • markbiernat markbiernat Jan 17, 2009 12:01 PM Flag

    Earnings will be poor

    Ok I did not want to post this. But your rude comments deserves some opinions.

    Based on all public info. Earnings will be very poor for OB.

    T. Micheal Miller the CEO, took home I think? 4.3 MILLION in total compensation in 2007 and yet 2009 the company is a mess in terms of earnings making some very basic mistakes I could see from a mile off.
    Further John Gillespie (nice man) in the spring said he was looking for value with investment assets in hmm the stock market? wow the moving average was going down at the time, or does linker (bright guy by the way) still invest in mortgage backs? Miller wow there were a a lot of things that could have been done better. But the result I think will not be good for earnings. (Linker might have made a net profit, BTW).

    And why do you say security take me away?

    I do not even live in the USA, I am a million miles away on the other side of the globe and say nothing that is not public info.

    And based on all public information I would but earnings at about not more than .50 cents a share in the 4th quarter and for the year about a 2.00 even loss! For me there is greater value out there.

    I watch OB and WTM and they may go up in the long term, but I think other stocks will go up much faster.

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    • The other side of the globe is less than 10,000 miles away. A million miles would put you about four times beyond the moon's orbit which, frankly, would suit me fine.

    • These are all my opinions and I could be wrong. But lets see how close I come :)

      Again I am not in the US, the economy is a mess there and value is evaporating in the stock market and everyone is playing musical chairs hoping their assets and jobs do not go down the tubes. An economy where everyone is pressing each other pants and happy to be working in the corporate feudal world. Why would OB be any different? Their investment assets are a huge part of their value.

      Their investment assets will come back someday, but man, there are better values out there. Companies that are innovating and cash rich, not hoping their investment assets will bounce back.

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