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  • hugh.jarss hugh.jarss Jun 5, 2012 8:55 PM Flag

    malfunctionum insecuritum

    Don't be Malfunctionum. I know what crooks these people are. You must be frrom Arkansas if you don't see it. Or else on the ob payroll.

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    • Who, me? I never said they weren't crooks! In fact, I've been saying for, what, ten years now? that the entire point of this company is simply to transfer the assets of the former CU/GA companies into the capital structure of WTM and the associated pockets of its unprincipled but well-connected insiders, various affiliated cronies and sundry bootlickers.

      But that doesn't mean we can't all just shut up about it.

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      • I think we are finally on the same page. All the stock holders sat there and didn't say anything on Old Man Byrne's side car excursion which cost them at least 200 milion. We have seen numerous incompetent numb skulls hired Cavoores, Miller,Romano, Bings son Dennis,Taylor etc.When it comes to cronyism, this company makes the commonwealth of Massachusetts look like a well oiled machine. What is the ultimate goal ? These crooks starting from Raybo on down all belong in prison. I can see Morgasm Davis licking his chops over future sales. Never actually worked for any of the companies but a lady friend i did the audit with 7 or 8 years ago works there. It has father knows best written all over it. I always felt that it was the old boy network at work when they (My management) (not me) signed off on the audit.the 10k is technically correct in the sense that what is said is true. What is not being said will choke Godzilla. They have almost blown through the cover that was purchased to cover A & E exposures.My contacts tell me that there is no end in sight or potential buyers on the horizen.they are trying to sell the run off business Ya right. I will not rest until they are all in prison. Remember Miller was fired by Chubb for incompetence. Most of his hires all have some affiliation with Chubb or Mn. There was an old movie "Robin and the 7 Hoods. The remake will be Raybo and the 7 crooks. Starring your friends and mine T mike, Dan Hendy,Romano, Mcdougall, Crosby, Morgasm Davis and a supporting cast numbering in the hundreds.

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