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  • lookin_2_score lookin_2_score Aug 23, 2013 4:52 PM Flag

    The last time Claude closed at $0.32

    was April 15, 2013.
    Seems like a mighty long time ago.

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    • It took several months to get back to this level as you point out....I'm betting the .40s get here a heck of a lot faster. This company was not going bankrupt in the foreseeable future but the stock price at .20 was saying bankruptcy was in the near-term "cards." In my theory-based opinion, the .20 pricing took the "heart" out of a lot of folks who had been hoping, for what seemed like forever, that CGR would quit falling and falling. Often, it takes this type thing (many finally giving up and selling) to put in a hard bottom. That's what complete capitulation looks like. IMO, that's also why gold prices reversed....simple capitulation. Whether, gold will struggle again, I don't know....but I believe CGR is in for a good spell for a while....and anyone smart enough to start buying CGR anywhere in the .20s is going to look smarter and smarter...IMO.

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      • definitely think you can ride this one higher, maybe I bailed too soon on most my CGR shares, but done OK, bought mostly EXK and MEAOF, both those have surged, EXK is the real deal, and MEAOF was just too cheap

        that's what is sort of going on here with CGR, the stock just got too cheap, but it's probably not going to be all smooth sailing, sure things could turn out that way, but since 2008 the company has been on the verge of doubling production, OK, they aren't really going to double production IMO

        but Claude is a survivor, and they probably go higher from here, also JMO

        today MEAOF today surged by 27%, it's been in a more severe coma and for much longer than Claude, it's a Canadian gold miner, it's basically tripled in the last few weeks, just got too cheap, done OK with that one

        another of my unloved zombie stock besides Claude and Metanor is CRCUF, Canarc Resources, that one is a true zombie stock, it fell today to about six and a half cents, it produces nothing, it is a Canadian gold stock, it has management that I like, and it's OK that it is so cheap, in fact, that just makes me more interested

        well, the time to sell 1 CGR share for the purchase of 2 MEAOF shares has passed, could easily happen again, who knows

        the time to sell 2 CGR shares and buy 1 BRD shares is here again, that trade might be worth a look, Brigus just raised their guidance, they tend to make their production numbers, like Claude they also have recent good drill results, they got a lot going for them, they increased production and revenue despite lower PM prices, they mine gold in Canada

        yeah, Claude shares are working here for the longs, just be careful not to fall crazy in love with the stock


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    • too long, i picked up shares at 20 too. Nice one! I wish they would reverse split this 1 - 100 so the commissions were cheaper.

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    • Things may be looking up for Claude.
      According to their web site, they actually have upcoming events scheduled in September.

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