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  • ajsrm ajsrm Feb 19, 2013 8:41 AM Flag

    More Reasons to Vote the Gold Card Only

    If we are to continue to be victimized by an embarassingly inadequate CEO like Patti Hart, we surely need an experienced and hugely successful gaming executive like Chuck Mathewson to be looking over her shoulder.

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    • This can't be the reasoned ajsrm who has been positng on this board for years. Do you actually believe the board is best served by the Adrer candidates?! Mathewson is in his early 80's and has been out of the biz for years! And the other 2 candidates have no more " expertise " and experience than I do! Obviously, as a LVS board member, Ader is opposed to online gaming. Anyone who is current understands you must be investeed there, or die going forward. How does the Ader group better the company?! They haven't proposed anything that makes sense to me. I've been a shareholder since '93 and own over 12,000 shares. so nobody wants the stock price to increase more than I do.

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      • Well I just voted over 400,000 shares on gold cards for me and my wife and my children and my grandchildren. I bought my IGAM (American Stock Exchange) when Chuck Mathewson was a venture capitalist in L.A.and buying his IGAM at the same time. My number of shares multiplied 64 times as did his. Perhaps I want IGT to go up as much as you do. Mathewson actually is 84 years old. You assume online gaming will destroy casinos. I believe it may well prove to be a catalyst for casino gaming just as I believe lotteries have been helpful in making casino gaming "less of a sin." I'd suggest that you know little about Ader. He was an extremely highly respected analyst of the gaming industry and certainly is much more knowledgeable than Hart is capable of being. He will not favor avoiding online gaming nor will Mathewson if the opportunity suggests a best use of capital. I also own some Berkshire Hathaway and would like to see Buffett hang around even if he retired as CEO. He and Mathewson are comparable octogenarians and I, myself, have just become one.

    • Thanks for your insights, Ajsrm. I respect your opinion and have listened to your advice for many years on this board. I know that you, like me, are a long time holder and advocate of IGT. I will vote the Gold Card!

    • My mistake: Patti is embarrassingly inadequate, not embarassingly inadequate. I bought my IGT stock before Si Redd induced Chuck Mathewson to join the IGT Board.. The stockholders then were proud and grateful for Mathewson as he built the largely unheard-of company into the colossus of the worldwide gaming industry.

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