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  • sjsrhs sjsrhs Nov 8, 2013 8:42 AM Flag

    Time to shop IGT around

    or a total sweep of the management pent house. Why do they call it a accelerated buy back of stock it's really a accelerated management protection. They buy in the stock then give it out at a very low price in options to management, then management jambs it all down their stock holders throats at moves over 20.
    The insiders at IGT epitomize the self greed in corporate America and the Government today. They give themselves stock options that cost them nothing and as soon as possible they dump them on their unsuspecting share holders. These options were to give insiders a piece of the action and align their interests with the real owners of the company, shareholders.
    They only care about themselves and not what's good for the total company or America. The American representatives in power are the same as their corporate insider friends in that they only care about themselves and not what's good for America. Their greed is destroying the American dream and creating American Greed. Vote them all out as well as the scoundrels running IGT as well as other companies. Start demanding that insiders wait no less then one year to sell their stock once they exercise their options.

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