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  • kamoa_1 kamoa_1 Jun 27, 2003 2:45 PM Flag

    Wait a minute..!

    Let's see a major league player gets paid more than $35.3 million..

    This guy needs an agent. For starters he should have at least a $100 mill.

    That's hmmm.. let's see market cap X market share....10.1 mill multiplied by...
    100=x over y and y... ten big mooks pick million coconuts and divide...hmmm too confusing... help gj!!


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    • I did advanced research at the U of Minnesota for a Master's degree where I ran a linear equation with 37 dependent variables(Y = X1 + X2... + X37 etc.) to find unknown, independent variable Y.

      But the ten big mooks and a million totally lost me...I think Kamoa just hit me with a Maui Wowie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • 1 Reply to gjkurtz_50
      • No, no, dude! I probably stumped you but I can't hit you with a Maui Wowie!! It would be like hitting you with an oversize Tuscany the size of a bat! This stuff is pretty potent. Better than the ones from Mexico! A small roach will make you craazy! Catch my drift Dude?

        But you know I never touch that stuff, I mean I might have, but I ... well perhaps put it in my mouth but never inhaled it... I swear I'm telling the truth...Just ask Monica...
        Hey Monica could you tell this guy I don't smoke pakalolo, hey, hey, what are you doing under the table... come out from there!!!

        Ahhh, what a beautiful day in paradise... Again!