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  • WillysKtchRmdlg WillysKtchRmdlg Feb 10, 1999 10:00 AM Flag

    Too Much Good News

    Would you guys mind keeping the "good news coming" banter to a minimum. It's driving the price down.

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    • It may not be what it used to be but it is
      one money making son-of-a-gun! I'm not selling
      14 million in internet sales daily! What company
      want that kind of action? Hang in there, we
      will be
      dellionares one of these days! hwhx :)

    • . Unfortunately,based on your snide and degrading
      remarks, you probably will never realize that dream...

      God that made me want to get down on my knees and
      say 10 "Hail Marys" forgive me Lord for I have
      sinned!!!! Guess I will have to tune into Mother Angelica on

    • Days like today make you think -- Dell couldn't be the same kind of stock it used to be............could it!?!?


    • There certainly seems to be a lot of thin skin
      out there. If a non-investor checked out this board
      they would think investors are the most negative
      people while, in fact, I see them as very positive
      people. We make both good and bad decisions and we are
      still in it because we make more good decisions and our
      return is good. Now, if we are in it for other reasons,
      then we probably have a gambling addiction and that is
      a whole other thing ... and those people should not
      be on this board ... they should be in group therapy
      and not group investment discussions.

      I find
      too many people on this board get hung up with
      something has to be either love or hate. If someone says
      something positive about one stock there is too much
      assumption that they hate all other stocks. If I say
      positive things about DNCC I am not going to bash CPQ, GTW
      and SUN. It would be crazy because I am in them as
      well. I am not yet into DELL and the higher P/E still
      makes me nervous. I take my hat off to those that had
      the forsight to hop on when it was priced good and
      make a bunch. I am happy for you. It still isn't to a
      buy in point for me. Just like I would definitely not
      be buying into SUNW right now. There are other
      stocks that I would buy also before CPQ right now with
      their present pricing ... like DNCC and GTW. Please,
      just because we each operate with a little different
      criteria doesn't make us wrong or crazy. If everyone in
      the world did the same thing, there would be no stock
      market. Everyone would either be selling at the same time
      or buying at the same time.

      I would really
      appreciate a little more civility and maturity coming to the
      boards. I have found some real meaningful contributions
      on the boards that we can all gain from and I think
      we will also feel a little more self respectful with
      our own involvements, as well.

      Have a good day
      and great investing ... in what ever is your


    • How many time do I have to tell you, never fall in love with a stock. They will only break your heart, and empty your wallet while you are sleeping. Much like the beautiful prostitute in Shanghi

    • an organization that deals with less fortunate
      children in third world countries, coordinates supplies
      and staff to help. Latest project is Honduras.
      Currently there are 55 people including medical staff
      helping in a joint operation with World Vision and other

      Sorry, he doesn't do drugs, or played football, and I'm
      not sure about the tuna part. Anyway, that was a
      classless post and frankly, you and I should be so lucky to
      accomplish what Mr. Parcell has done. Unfortunately,based on
      your snide and degrading remarks, you probably will
      never realize that dream...

    • it's called a screen name and has nothing to do
      with who I am. Actually I'm 40, BA in 1981, masters in
      1987. BTW does this make everyone happy that I'm not
      posting in caps. Very indicative behavior of this board.

    • He is a loser!!!! Look at his name, Bill
      Parcels-a guy they call the "tuna" hmmmm, "smells like fish
      to me" and "LT" one of the biggest losers to grace a
      football uniform. Did drugs, does drugs and beats his
      wife. Solid background names for a solid


      How could you have earned a masters when your profile says you are 21? Just a question.

      Gooooooo DNCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC............

    • Glad you asked that closing question. As I was
      going through the posts, I kept asking myself that same
      question. As for the caps, my experience with posters in
      all caps is that it's usually one of two things.
      Either they think what they have to say is so important
      that it belongs in all caps, or they are just having
      trouble finding the 'caps unlock' key.

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