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  • westafricanoilboom westafricanoilboom Feb 15, 2006 5:54 PM Flag

    /// HDY \\\


    * Review HDY before they drill for oil and gas in the Guinea offshore concession. Oil is estimated in the billions of barrels for only a small section of the Guinean concession.

    * Please lock in your shares before the ceo returns from Guinea with the magnificent news. HDY is a low float stock. Insiders control nearly half the shares. The market capitalization is miniscule given the magnitude of the concession.

    * Guinea officials have formally apologized to HDY for problems in mid 2005. The CEO of HDY and other executives have been in Guinea to move the process forward towards exploration and development of the concession.

    * HDY has moved to nicer offices for headquarters in Texas, and HDY has opened a brand new office if Conakry, Guinea. The new PR firm, Roher, has been retained as of Jan. 13th for imminent material news events.

    * See research showing billions of barrels of oil in the HDY oil and gas concession of over 15 million acres off the coast of Guinea in West Africa.

    * Estimates show the USA will be getting over 20% of its oil from West Africa within 5 years.

    * We believe HDY will be a huge mega monster stock play. HDY is a rare opportunity.

    * HDY has exclusive rights to over 15 million acres of never developed concession.

    * Institutional investors will be buying HDY with both hands at higher prices. See why HDY insiders hold better than 40% of all HDY shares.

    * HDY traders who take profits too early on HDY will be kicking themselves and buying back at higher prices. These traders will make a fortune in spite of themselves if they stick with HDY for a few years.

    * Hyperdynamic's operations in Louisiana justify a good portion of the share price based on projected production numbers and BP is already working with HDY on that project.

    * Majors will line up to work with HDY in the Guinea concession with work in progress for drilling permits and a revised PSA.

    * HDY recently rose to 52 week highs and all time highs.

    * Always do your own research. HDY can go up over 100 times current prices in less than 2 years.

    * Key insiders take stock for pay. Insiders include the ex CEO of Ford Motor Company and oil industry experts.

    * Visit the HDY web site for investors. Some day you will want to hug us if you act on this one. Just pay it forward.

    * HDY has valuable ANWR Seismic data that may turn into a bonus goldmine if the US Government allows exploration in this remote area.

    * Look for us to spread the word on Hyperdynamics. This is a free service to non shareholders and is not endorsed by any employee or manager at HDY. We want you to succeed with HDY now.

    * Visit Yahoo's HDY message board for more in depth due dilligence from Muredskin1. View links in posts #14066, 14067, 14068, 14070, 14071, 14072, 14073, 14074.

    Make note of all the negative people on the HDY chat board. These people are persistent in their coordinated effort to bash for a lower price to buy shares.

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