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  • poolguy432000 poolguy432000 Apr 24, 2006 11:11 AM Flag

    Fish 2026= liberal bloodsucker IGNORE


    What could be worse,well he is the true bottom of the barrel !

    This excuse for a human,a bloodsucking lawyer who lets his on children grow up in a broken home yet DARES to criticize others.
    Steve Fischer who's spelling is as bad as any other posters yet has the audacity to point out errors others make in a losing effort to act smarter then them.
    Steve Fisher, who's backing of liberal politics has caused so much pain he has to write about in his hobby section of his profile (check it out,its is very sad that he is still that naive and still whining).

    Steve Fisher who's oh so typical whining liberal that offers NO solutions only criticism and no support for young men and women in the service of this fine country !

    This dickhead loser Steve Fisher will not back down from attacking others so he will get what he deserves an outing of all his life's poor judgment and proof that he is a nothing on the message boards!
    A divorced loser and traitor his county.Makes a meager living as a blood sucking lawyer ( and a poor one at that!) and is so jealous of those of us who can succeed in the market he has to lash out in stupid posts that all but him know are a joke.

    Join most of the Yahoo message boards and flip that SOB a finger and place him on IGNORE

    This topic is deleted.
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