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  • wendlmichele wendlmichele Mar 31, 2008 1:26 PM Flag


    We rip on the company about their crap-ass drilling program, and VOILA, thet strike a hit and an oil one at that.

    Maybe we should continue to complain about the pathetic drilling results over the last year....I would be happy to be refuted by several more press releases like the one today!

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    • Believe me when I say this is smoke. They will spend millions on it, will not install sand control and if it does come on line with any oil they will do everything in their power to sand it up by pulling on it too hard to get an unrealistic production number they can put in one of their "press" releases.

    • One well does not a company make! (Yoda speak)

      Getting rid of Dykes will probably make the company marginally better. Now if they don't screw up and spend too much $ on the deep lease they got at last month's lease sale. (Always trying to play with the big boys and hitting a grand slam instead of working in an area were they can actually get a return and maybe hit singles and doubles) maybe they can come up with some good news for a couple of quarters.

      Bachmann needs to go next, then the rest of the scoundrels.

    • EPL must have a couple hundred old GOM shelf wells, that have never been probed on a new tecnology horizontal basis. Looking like EPL's luck has changed. Now the question, can it afford to pay for these services? [slim]