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  • strengtheng1neer strengtheng1neer Jul 18, 2011 11:30 AM Flag

    BUYING again at $23.35

    okay I messed up when I bought shares at $24.03 and again at $23.77, but at $23.35 I just had to buy more.

    They say you should not average down, but I think this will eventually rebound above $25 to the $26 range or better, and patience will be rewarded. Unless there is something here I am not seeing. I am buying below the latest issue price, so it seems this cannot be too bad of a price to add to holdings.

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    • I said a month ago that we'd see $20. I guess I was generous.

      It's sad to see all these smart investors getting taken to the cleaners. Those Portnoy boys sure know how to take money from babies!

      Sad, sad, sad.

      My next guess is that the divy will be cut.

    • Freak-

      Lets use the info provided by yahoo as to the performance of both lxp and cwh.

      Lxp has a 52 wk price ranging between $5.74-$10.14.
      Given todays closing price of $9.13-that represents an increase of 59% between lxp's low price and current price.

      By contrast, cwh has had a 52 wk range between $22.89-29.10. The current price of 23.93 represents a 4.5% increase between the low and current price.

      The analyst's opinion for both stocks is as follows:

      Strong buys-lxp has 4 analysts. Cwh has none.

      Buy-Lxp has 3 analysts. Cwh has 1.

      Hold-Lxp has 1 analyst. Cwh has 2.

      Underperform-lxp has no analysts. Cwh has 1.

      Sell-lwp has no analysts. Cwh has 2.

      Freek-please explain the above.

      As to what lxp traded for years ago is irrelevant to me. I bought 38k shares with an av cost of $4.77 and my most recent purchase of 30K shares was done in 12/10 at an average cost of $7.97. My next target is $12-14 at which time I will reassess my position and I have a more conservative strategy in mind. Between my common and preferreds-I generate $70k in income. Am pretty sure I can generate another $20-30k over the next year.

      Dre, bdn, hrpt and lxp have been berry, berry good to me. Will keep enjoying my taco's while cwh eats your lunch.

      Good luck. Luv and kesses.

    • Hud

      If I could answer that question and hit it right all the time I would be a gazillionaire.

      Of course, I'm always right,even when I'm wrong (lol!)

    • Well run35 sometimes you just have to ask you feel lucky. Well you?

    • nice take stinky

    • How do you anything you buy isn`t a trap?

      At least with a value trap, you won`t lose yer entire hiney. You at least get a dividend. I`d rather gamble on value than a LinkedIn or Pandora.

    • How are you sure that cwh isnt a value trap-the same way that microsoft has proven to be a value trap??? Microsoft stills sells for less than it did in 1998 in spite of substantially larger net income.

      How do you see cwh increasing shareholder value????

      What proactive actions has cwh taken toward increasing its occupancy levels??? And how will those expenditures affect dividends and AFFO?????How long will it take????

      Dont really care from a financial point of view. Just trying to get another view point.

      • 4 Replies to wcorcoran53
      • Microsoft was trading at a HUGE multiple of book value. So it was vulnerable.

        CWH is trading at a discount to book value, pays a huge dividend and makes a profit on operations. So they generate value with the income, yeah they water it down with secondary offerings, but that is why I don't hold long term. When they dilute shares, I buy into the dip. Pretty safe investment if you buy only when it is down.

        I will stick to my belief that $22.50 would be a STRONG BUY if it were to decline to that value, but I bought at $24.03, $23.77 and $23.35 because I don't really expect it to get as low as $22.50. If I really believed that was likely, I would have waited.

        But I think you will watch us longs make money while you sit on the sidelines waiting for lower prices.

        I will definitely sell into any reasonable rally because I do agree that this stock seems to have upside limits. Any time the price breaks above $26 the company seems intent on issuing more shares at a discount. But a 10% gain if I hold a few months plus the dividend for about a 12% gain in 3 months or so is a pretty good gain considering the downside risk is quite low.

        12% in 3 months is a 48% APR. I like that. Then I buy into the next dip. I strongly believe this is a nice trading stock.

        Another great trading stock you don't want to hold long term is Yamana Gold (AUY). I have traded in and out of that one for years and make money EVERY TIME. If you buy AUY on the dips and sell into the rallies, you make 15-20% on each round turn, usually in a month or two. You can do this 6 times a year for a 90% APR. Better yet, sell a covered call while it is up and make a few bucks extra. Sometimes they get assigned, sometimes not but I am fine with it either way.

      • cwh and rmr don't care about creating shareholder value. they obviously don't care about shareholders either. but, anybody buying it below $24 will be able to sell it at $26 before the end of the year based on the balance sheet, the yield and the price pattern. i'm no fan of management. the stock is just a screaming buy here when nobody wants it. i'll wait till the fall and sell it above $26, like I always do. and, collect a $.50 dividend while i'm at it.

    • me too.

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