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  • bluelivermore bluelivermore Sep 27, 2011 12:19 PM Flag

    Government Jobs Good for CWH?

    CWH does NOT bid on government lease space. CWH doesn't know how to bid on government lease space. CWH does NOT want to bid on government lease space. CWH will NOT bid on government lease space. Almost all government lease space is put out for competitive bidding.

    But, alas, CWH bad management is to lazy to bid on government lease space contracts. Another example of doing as little as and proud of it. The Government and CWH management are made for each other. The lazy government issues debt to cash to pay themselves, CWH issues shares and debt to cash to pay themselves. Share devaluation, currency devaluation. Devaluation twins.

    To lazy to even submit a bid on lease space for the rapidly expanding government bureaocracy.
    CWH has all these properties in the government corridors of maximum operation, and they won't even submit a bid for a lease contract.

    WARNING ALL NEW INVESTORS!!!! STAY AWAY FROM THIS STOCK!!!! Management just issues more shares to pay themselves with. For a HORRIBLE management job. Thus diluting the value of any shares you would purchase. The dividened is cut over and over again. They keep the share price up by reverse splitting the stock. Notice the junk bond status of it's debt, and the high interest rate it has to pay to borrow money. Even the bankster gangsters don't want this company's debt.

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    • Somebody bought high and sold low? Blames everyone, including management? But not themselves? Should blame whoever put a gun to their head and forced them to buy it.

    • You are not with it. CWH does not bid on Gov't leases because there is a spinoff REIT by the name of GOV that does that. Why that arrangement? Because RMR manages both Trusts and makes tons of $$ from both. They like to keep business in the right categories, just like the Health care that was spinned off as SNH.

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