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  • jforuus jforuus Feb 22, 2012 9:47 AM Flag

    Sponsors of PPO

    How reliable is this guy Greg Chamber and Benzinga? All of these guys are either led by the nose or SCHILLS.

    Dupont called it "specualtion" and "rumor" that should be your answer regarding their buyout rumor. Sell it all you want.

    As for the miss or not for the CC, by now we all know the sponsors most likely want to fill those gaps in the $20's and the $13.80 gap to be filled. Don't hate me for that statement but thats just how the GAME works. We know that.

    Obviously the insiders SOLD out the MAJORITY of their position in the $70's in the earlier part of 2011, clear signal. No buying going on right now..expect her to keep dipping? Waiting for the insiders to start buying, don't fight big cheat I mean smart keep your eye on the puppet master.

    Short interst is up from 1M to 10M. Obviously the word is out missed estimates and the RSI has isn't deep though credit the "program and equation" they are running.

    Why reward sponsors that are clearly satisfying their own agenda. you should be taking out put option if your really desperate for a play on here.

    We are back at Jan. 2011 PPS. an intial postion is all I am thinking about the sponsors have their agenda here. Its Called SHORTING 9M...see you at $32?

    There is a reason this market is up on low volume, mis-trust. Its going to take a solid decade for them to start coming back or forgetting the pain.

    Not to forget the programs are manipulating the candlesticks.

    The only true signal with sponsors of this stock are when the insiders start buying don't try to out smart a group of cheats I mean Wall St. guys.

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