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  • ringleaderman ringleaderman Nov 26, 2002 2:57 PM Flag


    Did you hear that the Director of IT Consulting for New Jersey got fired because she made vulgar racial comments. I understand this behavior has been going on since she was hired five years ago and that several complaints had been filed against her but swept under the rug. To add insult to injury, I heard JE the Region VP (clueless) promoted her the week before she was fired! What was he smoking????? He has been letting good performers leave the company, and then he goes and promotes an employee who has been call the "CANCER of NJ CONSULTING"! And where has SM been on this mattter? Has he been asleep behind the wheel? Seems to me we need change at the management level to clean up this mess and start restoring confidence in the NY/NJ leadership!!

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    • Recrit Dave,

      Well said.

    • You make an interesting point and I can even understand where you are coming from. The reality is that if you stay with the company, it's because you have a strong stomach, possibly afraid to go off on your own, still believe that they actually care about you as an individual, have golden handcuffs, or just afraid you will be sued.I used to think many of those same things until the lightbulb came on and realized they don't give a damn about me, my family or my clients. They only care about profits and the stock price, which is their job since it is a publicly traded company. No publicly traded company in our industry can ever do the best job for it's employees or customers because profits always take priority. It is such a joy to do this job without a corporate telling you how not to treat your customers the right or best way.Maybe someday you will feel the passion , joy and fun in this job that we do, since we left.

    • Bronco, you bet we want the likes of Kforceguy in the company, it sounds like he is a solid long term producer, which is the type of person who has helped grow this company over the years.

      Your right about Kforce not being even close to perfect. In the time that I have been here, I have seen alot of serious mistakes made. Hopefuly those that we trust to guide the ship have learned some lessons along the way.

      As for your comment about leads, I am assuming you are a salesperson at Kforce or were a sales person at Kforce. It always frys me to here a saleperson belly ache about not having leads. You are the salesperson, it is not the companies responsiblity to spoon feed you business. You have no one else to blame but yourself if you are waiting around for someone else to make you successful.

      As for no one making any money here, thats complete baloney. I know all kinds of people that are still making six figures plus here even in bad times, so it can be done.

      If you are making your numbers, you should try to switch to leveraged commission plan, you will be better off in the long run. If you are not producing, go over to RHI or some other competitor, and get paid for not producing anything over there.

    • Why so much vitriol? Geez, lighten up. There's no need to use offensive language.

      Anyway, you're wrong - I just work a search desk. Maybe I'm stupid, or maybe I'm just stubborn, but I stuck around and we still do search here. I just made a placement Monday and have a candidate interviewing with a client as I type this.

      It's been a very tough market, and yes, corporate has done some stupid stuff. But we used to complain about corporate back when it was Source, too. HQ and the field rarely see things quite the same way.

      I'm not apologizing for them - sometimes I just wish they'd leave us alone.

      But they also do a good job on a lot of things, and in a market where a lot of smaller companies are going under, we've got a good story to tell.

      I don't know why I'm bothering to reply, since all I usually see on here is a lot of nasty name-calling.

      But the fact is that there are still some of us left.

      For a long time I've felt like Richard Burton in "The Longest Day" (as we kept getting fewer). But I think things are looking up.

    • I would guess Kforce is happy to have the likes of Kforceguy in the house.

      Dislodge your head from your ass and join the ranks of the living.

      Kforceguy, what is 0 x 22% ?

      Better still, what is 0 x 50%?

      The answer is your highly anticipated compensation bonus. You have a much higher chance of hitting a lottery than you have hitting the milestones of this comp plan. You have to battle too many obstacles in today's Kforce. The major obstacle is you have no one left who can produce leads or circulate marketshare in the search divisions let alone any other division. I would highly doubt any one person could produce enough on their own to get to the real money which carrots you on a daily basis.

      Napalm and mirrors, Napalm and mirrors.

      My guess Kforceguy you are an Office Manager in desperate straights to find perm producers and have resorted to the board in hopes of creating some interest.

    • Don't you think they figured that out too late? Being they let so many top producers walk out the door as well as let a lot of them go...??? There are VERY FEW producers left.

    • Old Source Guy.

      That's the best news that has been posted on this board in years. I'm glad to hear it for those who stayed.

      How are you going to convince your clients you guys still do search?

    • I am on the search plan, and in my opinion it is better than before all the way around.

      It's the first time I've felt really positive about the comp plan since Romac took over. (Actually since Source went public and took away our stock grants without giving us anything in return).

      I think they finally figured out that it's the producers that bring the value into the company, and that you have to pay to keep them.

    • I left the company months ago on my own but think what you like. I know many people that still work for Kforce and I spoke to them about what happened in NJ. There is no truth to the posting of "ringleaderman" as well as no truth to this Director being promoted one week prior to firing. The Director was given another team to manage, not a promotion. There are numerous investigations going on throughout the company, this is not the first to go and far from the last!

    • I have never read such BS! If the Director was so good why was she fired? I'm wondering if psstdoff is the director in question......

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