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  • nononsense2006 nononsense2006 Jun 22, 2005 9:06 PM Flag

    NJ Management is a Disgrace

    Did anyone hear that the Director in NJ is sleeping with his admin. assistant and everyone is jumping ship?

    So pitiful; he should be spending his time trying to save his own job instead of being so trashy. I understand they are going to replace him soon which will be a good thing for everyone.

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    • Rivot,
      Still serving on active duty, in Boston. Watching kforce from afar with interest. Wonder when they are going to get it in gear and take off. Remember the $30+ stock price days? It wasn't smoke and mirrors, just a lot of hard work and no nonsense.

    • And a sock!
      Wow, this guy doesn't know Arctic?

      Arctic, you still serving in the reserve?

      I see nothing has changed at Romac in 5 years, BWAHAHAHAHA!

    • It smells like someone got canned....LOL

      It also sounds like you had a crush on the guy and couldnt close the deal.Here is some advice for you:
      1)Stop eating Ben and Jerrys with a side of Doritos for lunch.
      2)Start working out to shed the extra lbs....and then and only then you may be the one who gets to stay next time and the admin will go....until then good luck with the job search.


      • 2 Replies to sellkforce
      • I'm sure from my screen name that you can tell who this is. I have a few things to say about the post I am replying to.

        1. I did not start this thread, nor have I participated in it. If I did, it would have contained proper grammar.

        2. I was angry and hurt when I read this particular post in the thread. The things in this post are untrue and I don't appreciate being alluded to in this manner. How can anyone say these things in a public forum about someone else? Are you a 12 year old bully on a playground?!?!....Give me a break.

        3. I have moved on from Kforce and will not be pulled into your sad, petty little world.

        Oh, and let me say this. I still own stock in this company and have every right to be checking these boards, before someone leaps to that tired, old argument.

        If anyone with any integrity still works at Kforce and knows who it is that either started the thread or responded to it, please feel free to email me.


      • I heard everyone is leaving because the NJ Director is a poor manager. People with 10yrs @ Kforce are leaving whereas this Director has been there 2yrs with poor performance. :(

        Sounds like a bad situation to me...

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