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  • philosopher_soren philosopher_soren May 7, 2000 10:29 PM Flag

    I must be blind.....

    Live2shop has pointed out exactly what the rest
    of us know: turnover is high, the hype is fading due
    to lack of results to back it up, the rah-rah us
    useless and, regardless of how good an individual is, a
    great office is failing due to trying to do things
    Dunkel's way. Live2shop's office is a representation of
    what's going on throughout that company. So why then do
    people continue to bury their heads in the sand and
    pretend it doesn't go on? Why not admit it, address it,
    fix it, make it better and create something great?
    Why continue to allow it to happen by pretending that
    it doesn't exist? AND, it's not JUST
    upper-management. The rah-rah's on here do the same thing. I don't
    get it.....

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    • I still have many friends there that I wish the
      best to. My decision was my own choice as each of us
      has a choice. Mine was difficult because there was no
      anger. The people on my teams were and still are the
      greatest. That is what made it hard. I stayed away from the
      rest of the nonesense and just focused on making
      money, having fun and delivering. I do know of many
      managers that act as you say. My day was based around
      adding value to my teams. That's all ... May everyone do
      what makes them happy without taking from someone
      elses happiness.

    • Sounds like a manager I heard about in sflo with initials DB

    • Please don't take it personally if it does not
      apply. I am speaking from experience from working under
      a manager who did nothing but drink, wonder when
      they were going to get their next date and take credit
      for everyone elses work. This person did not train
      anyone, but had others do it, because they didn't have a
      clue how to. I am not trapped, however. I changed my
      situation and am much happier now. I'm just waiting for the
      "what goes around comes around" to happen so this will
      all come to light. I have definitely moved on by
      choice, did you?

    • that the souls trying to be saved are employees,
      I got the impression that bucsfan is telling
      investors to stay the hell away from this management.
      Anyway, this board is like no other that I've ever seen!
      The moral there must be terrible, my guess is the
      only thing that will fix this company is to clean
      house starting upstairs. It is becoming appearent to me
      that the only way for us to make any money on this
      stock is for Romac to get bougth out. Anybody have any
      ideas on what it would take to make this more
      attractive as a buy-out?

    • Hello All,

      I have been quitely sitting
      here while some bash and others hash out the details.
      It appears that live2shopnordy is off somewhere
      else...please enjoy and let you past be past. As for the
      others, if you are still with kforce, then get on the
      ball. It has come to pass that when you bitch to
      someone about something 9:10 times, they will not

      Therefore, those of you that are "trying to save some
      souls"...leave that for the ministries and please leave.

    • Where do you work. All I ever heard was rah rah.
      I'm the manager that trained, hired and motivated 17
      people and help them become successful and hit their
      numbers in spite of all the #@%&. Slam me if you choose.
      I'm out and your not. I chose from several offers.
      I'm free and your trapped. It's that simple. I'd also
      change my identity to "follow blindly 2000". It fits
      better, don't you think?

    • character to be bashed. You are now being accused of being a cheerleader that kfrc doesn't want?? Interesting twist.

    • Live2shop is probably a "new" identity that a
      romac/kforce basher came up with and tried to sound like a new
      poster with some genuine concerns. Just more

      KFRC is up to 11 1/2 with volume picking up. Something
      appears to be up.

      In today's edition of Investors
      Daily, it was quoted that Nielsen ratings during w/e
      4/30 for job sites incurred significant activity.
      Monster, Careerpath, and Hotjobs were mentioned as having
      the biggest traffic increases (no kforce, though).
      Nevertheless, it's positive news.

      • 2 Replies to ROMClong
      • I agree-someone recently started using
        "kforceemployee", which is not me.

        AS for things being
        better at kforce or elsewhere, it depends on the person.
        Yes, there is a staffing model here that works and
        management tries to teach that, rather than letting new
        people sink or swim on their own. I respect my friends
        who have left the co to go it alone. For others, the
        team environment and the culture at kforce is a great
        fit. Because certain people do not excel in this
        environment doesn't mean it's a sinking ship. Most
        consultants who are good make more money here than they
        would've even dreamed about previously and they have a
        high degree of personal and professional satisfaction.

      • a now former employee speaking the truth as they
        see it. I know this can hurt so therefore your
        denial. I have made the break and thought I'd be
        thrilled. I'm not. It's hard. It's one of the most
        difficult decisions I have ever made. I walked away from
        people I care about and a position I once loved. I
        realize it was inevitable and know soon I will be
        relieved and move on. I will be successful again because
        of my core values and work ethic. ROMlong... the
        truth may hurt for a while but then it will set you

    • I made the leap. I worked hard to get my business to where it was. Starting over blows. I work twice as many hours. I make 1/4 of the money. I am very happy.

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