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  • effwivakeef effwivakeef Dec 14, 2011 10:41 AM Flag

    Bigger is STUPIDER!

    OPTT can't make their silly little PowerPhooeys work.
    The PB40 was crap
    The PB150 was crap
    Oh, those were just early development stages, the real hope lies with the FREAKING HUMONGOUS PB500.

    That is just total B 0 1 1 0 C K S

    The bigger it is, the less responsive to all but the biggest of waves.
    Those big waves would most certainly tear it loose from its moorings.

    Common sense..... a commodity in scarce supply around these parts.

    Good heavens to Betsy!

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    • Well congratulations on holding down your job as a janitor and light globe changer.
      How does that enhance your ability to look into the crystal ball and determine how much energy the PowerPhooey will deliver should it ever get it's feet wet?

    • Quixotically, Having thoroughly encapsulated Keefy's panty's in the proverbial knot( a granny knot?lol) by a quick, query quip questioning his lax lubrication schedule on his beloved, 50 yr old technology' sliderule, I dare not provoke him to full anacephalic nakedness in a line of questioning regarding the dusting of his Abacus. Although his honorificabilitudinity in both the use of, apparent cognitive comprehension, and even humorous rapport of this ancient calculation medium can be salubriously commended for its faithful support, it cannot be on its actual input characteristics pertaining to modern utilitarian usefulness and further shows unwillingness to technological change, all traits not necessarily exuded by a true Engineer.

      As a further endeavor, in effort to put this tete-a-tete to somewhat of a rest(egads!), I will reveal my current Employer in good faith, with discretion appreciated, not that such employment by and of itself shows superior skills, knowledge, or intellect, but perhaps can be somewhat of a placation conundrum to the continuation of the doubtful title bashing.

      CBRE is the Global leader in Real estate services, and I will leave it up to your sliderule calculus to understand that.

      Go to the above link, click on "Our People", and type in my last name "courson" in the proper field, and see for yourself, knowing that I reside in Dallas area.

      Of course, the title "Engineer" is a broad term, and encompasses the multifaceted skills needed, "Electrician" only one of which my previous Naval Nuclear power engineering training provided, and although I could just be fooling the largest Global Real Estate company with the inept performance of my daily duties, the probability of such is doubtful.

      It would be nice to see Keefy eat his hat on you-tube. Sanguinely, can we Seppos request a show of multiple Aussi talents, and ask for this scrumptious meal be enjoyed while riding a 'Roo?, lol.


    • Hi-fibre problem.
      My plate awaits, nice Chianti and some Fava beans.....mmmmmm!

    • A sombrero would be cool. I will bookmark this post :) After all, it's year 2012!

    • Troutman, you are a chemical engineer (right?)
      Sailor Boy is an electrician.
      And you are attacking MY credibility!!!

      I'll be happy to be proven wrong just as soon as the PowerPhooey has completed at least 12 months in the water and delivering verifiable levels of power to shore.

      Tell you what, I'll even eat my hat on you-tube if that day ever comes.

    • And.....since when have the PRINCIPLES of science concerned you anyway???

      Remember when you violated Newtons Laws and then tried to defend yourself??


      You have 0 credibility as a scientist. Your "certifikate" means nothing, uless used in practice.

      And posting links to wikipedia does NOT count as practice.


    • Well mister Troutman, I am always ready to concede if I should be proven wrong.
      Which of the PRINCIPLES of science and engineering have been overturned in recent times?

      Law of gravity?
      Archimedes principle?

      Anything relevant to the PowerPhooey.

      I don't believe The Principle of Relativity, and non-Newtonian mechanics has any relevance except perhaps to explain why the PowerPhooey has entered a time warp into a parallel universe

    • "Principles of science and engineering remain unchanged in the fast changing modern world."


      I AM an engineer, and you are (AGAIN), dead WRONG!!!


      OH MY!!!!!!

    • Principles of science and engineering remain unchanged in the fast changing modern world.
      If you had received an education rather than an electrician's training then you would appreciate this.
      If you would kindly provide some factual data on any of the PowerPhooey series of wave widgets then I would be happy to power up my slide rule and demolish your argument.

    • Not so fast.

      OPTTie is back to making 40kW prototypes.

      Didn't you read the press release? The new Spain PowerBouy is going to be another 40kW unit!

      You have to admire their chutzpah, calling a 40kW unit a "showcase".

      While competitors are endurance testing their untility scale (750 kW) units, OPTT is still playing with prototypes . . . and running out of money.

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