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  • tbasshet tbasshet Oct 22, 2012 10:30 AM Flag

    Looking strong

    The technicals are looking pretty strong this morning. No. 2 on NASDAQ100 top buying list at nna100 website.

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    • Fishy business indeed.
      Where are yer fudging PowerPhooeys?

      They is scared to go into the water
      They is afraid that the people will see
      That whole foo king thing is all B0110CKS
      Yes it's all just a big fantasy

      There's an ancient old terd called George Taylor
      And he claims a Dock Torate or three
      But we know that he is really a wang ker
      Who each year earns a million or three

      There's a board of old wrinkled directors
      Who could afford a nice strumpet or two
      But their weeners are aged and flacid
      And there's nothingViagra can do

      Oh what fun that it is running green scams
      Getting munny fom gummints and twits
      While fat greedy piggy execkies
      Count their munny and don't give no schitz

      Watch out....must be time to print more shares.....

      Trough getting very low

      OINK (foo king) OINK!!!

6.41-0.25(-3.75%)Sep 23 4:00 PMEDT