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  • filefish1 filefish1 Jun 27, 2013 3:16 PM Flag

    This week's trading

    We started the week off bucking the downtrend and since then its been all downhill . Anyone have an idea what may be causing this downslide.?

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    • Well, the volume is not as high as usual, there's only a 2%+ short interest in the stock
      on a 60M share float, so, maybe it's an institution, or fund, peeling off a little stock. Can't
      really find any fundamental reason to give up shares here though, not with what's going
      on and it's potential. Bit of a head scratcher.

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      • volume short action to speak of. negative news. Technically this looks like a triple bottom reversal in the making. If that is the case this is a great place to buy in here. Actually it is the optimum place to buy here....op·ti·mum/ˈɒptəməm/ Show Spelled [op-tuh-muhm] Show IPA noun, plural op·ti·ma /ˈɒptəmə/ Show Spelled [op-tuh-muh] Show IPA , op·ti·mums, adjective
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