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  • coldwintergas coldwintergas Jan 25, 2006 1:49 PM Flag

    just look at them-flashing buys on REDF

    and god knows what kind of dangerous tech stocks out there...

    there are stupid reports being churned out saying oil/gas/gold/silver are no longer needed.. yeah right, Mr. MM. We don't need oil as the REDF/GOOG/AAPL guys are going to make oil/gas out of their ears. Also, we don't need gold because Bernanke will raise rates to 8% demolishing the US consumers who will be throwing down the govt at that. Yeah right, Mr. MM. Bernanke is our next Paul Volcker. Has anyone ever read Paul's bio? I have. I have read 3 books on his life. He was a true American, yes TRUE AMERICAN. He didn't care about his personal life and stuck to the basic principles when everyone was clamouring for his neck. He was a man of STEEL who saved America. And he was reviled while Greenspan who sucumbed to the presssures of politicians and easy money, played along, destroying America in the process, yet Greenspan is known as the Maestro... This is how the world works, man. Its the Keatings of the world who make it to the top (but they are hollow at heart/life all the way to the end) and never Roark (who lives a fulfilling life and happy all the way to the end). US is in deep shit, man. and you all know it.
    Call a spade a spade, be a man. Be Paul Volcker. Lets bring back the glorious America that once was!!!

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    • I agree. REDF is en fuego because of the Kramer pumping last nite and his lemmings jumping on board. It is a speculative India internet stock and less than 5% of people in India even have a PC or internet access. Short it when the dust settles and make some cash.

      I think the America of Voelker is long gone. To get back there we have to bring down the trade deficit and that means buying less cars from Japan and less junk we don't need from China and using less oil and saving more and producing more than we consume and that means PAIN for consumers and more discontent with the government. Won't ever happen until the worldwide economic collapse that makes the great depression look like a sneeze and then we start all over.

    • and to make America great once more, we need real men, men of steel resolve/will, not kids that you see all over these days- bushes, trumps, roves, greenspans and all. People, its the people who make the difference.. Im sure the Washingtons and Jeffersons, who fought and gave their lives for our nation, must be turning in their graves, looking at the sick state our country has been reduced to. China, Korea, Iran, India, Venezuela, and now even Mexico -- taking stabs at US (mexico with their latest - lets give out maps of the great border to all the pontential illegals who want to cross over lest they get lost, or get hungry along the way)...

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