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  • c280273b c280273b Apr 18, 2006 3:56 PM Flag

    1.5 billion

    1.5 billion added to the market cap on a .04 beat of estimates.... this clearly looks like a blow off top. Short back to mid 40's. especially when oil heads back to 55 a barrel.

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    • Do you really expect anybody with half a brain to short a stock as it's making a new all time high?Duh...

    • Oil back at $55!! You sound like that idiot Steve Forbes - he's lucky he was born rich. IF $55 comes into the picture again, it won't last for long. The worlds oil problems has given every small group or political that can affect production huge leverage. This butt wipes are going to exploit that.

      Coal is the cheap fuel now and getting cheaper in comparison to oil and gas. The demand world wide for US coal is only going to go up. Have to wonder if prices will move up.

    • Don't you guys get it? Oil ain't going back to $55. Most of the oil analysts have concluded that $60 is the new "floor" for oil. Besides OPEC will do everything possible to keep it above $60. They like it that way. Get on board these commodity stocks or you will be crushed. Read Jim Rogers book on the "Commodity Supercycle". We are in it right now. Ain't stopping anytime soon.

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      • Don't you get it. We can both win and be right here. A 2.00 drop in oil and btu is back below 55, maybe even by Friday. I make 35% in 3 days and you guys are still up a lot with the big winner btu. I am calling for a short term sell-off. I might even be back on the call side if it pulls back to the low 50's. It is a great trading stock and a wonderful long term investment, I just choose to play it both ways.

    • You are extremely inexperienced . You should not make anymore recommendations on this board. You leave me no other choice but to refer you to my "Ignore this user" file.

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      • Glad to be on your ignore list dope... that way you won't have to read what I write when you eat your words. I would bet my experience far exceeds yours for starters and would love to show you by 13 trades of both puts and calls on BTU since Jan 06. Incidently, I am up 83,000.00 on those trades and my record on those is 12 of 13 correct. For the record I bought the May 60 puts about 3:40 pm....just so you know, or don't since I'm on ignore.

    • Shell Africa shut down 30% of production !!!!!

      In my opinion.....posters should disclaim their words with the fact their posts are opinioniated !!!!!!

      AS always mine are and I dont reccomend individules investing money based on my posts.


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