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  • marketwillrock marketwillrock Jan 27, 2007 10:03 AM Flag

    6th largest economy bans electricity


    produced from COAL!!!!! On Thurs. California banned electricity produced from coal!! What did I tell you about the liberal kooks out to top coal? They have a provision that says coal can be used if it is gasified. The first coal, gasification plant is scheduled to be built in 2010!!!

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    • California has not banned coal generation. It has prohibited delivery contracts of greater than five years' duration with emissions exceeding one pound of CO2 per kWh. That is the figure attained by a combined-cycle gas power plant. It could likewise be realized by any enterprising supplier who mixed coal with roughly an equal amount of wind and/or hydroelectric generation. As power prices inexorably rise in California due to the new mandate, it should become economical to build a transmission line extending to Wyoming and beyond to North Dakota to tap the ample coal and wind resources in those regions.

    • Maybe you should back up your information with some facts.

      First, illegal immigration is a problem in many southern states. Check your facts.

      As well, if there is an outflow of educated, wealthy people how come my neighbors are paying 1.3 mil and up for their homes? Hmmmm.... I think that puts them in the upper 1% of income earners...wonder how these uneducated people pay for these homes? Gosh, wish I knew

    • Wow, you are good at bashing CA. I happen to like it here. You speak of education, but only those who are uneducated lump a group of people the size of CA into a "category". Hmmmmm

      As well, if you take 37 million people and then take a loss of 28,565 people, what is that ratio? As well, many take their real estate profits and run because they cannot make that type of money anywhere else. That is what happens during the real estate cycles.

      Where do you live, somewhere much better I am sure.

    • Then to be true to their concern about global warming, CAL should also stop purchasing coal produced electricity from other Western States.
      They are full of crap!
      Turn off the switch from the coal producing plants in other states that sell to Cal and see what happens.

    • the golden state has always been rough for folks without gold. I certainly wouldn't want to live in much of the state, but the jobs, the weather, the opportunities - there is no place better.

      but it's funny, the same process is evidenced here as with 'ptt' and coal stock analysis - CA in fact has a quickly growing total population, and everyone (educated) knows that our biggest cities are filled with immigrants. 'twist the truth' indeed.

    • Globally, coal has been the the fast growing fuel source over the past five you are just a moron.

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      • the truly sad and moronic thing is the fact that our politicians ignore just how much the chinese are going to be puking into the air WITHOUT any real emissions controls. maybe both parties are so trying to tiptoe around the communist regime which owns more than a trillion of our debt that they neglect to mention this. if there was a real commitment to lowering carbon emissions, we'd be making the connection between ultra-cheap goods in walmart and the fact that the chinese are too lazy and corrupt to install even the most rudimentary scrubbers on their coal-burning power plants.

    • apart from the general ignorance in this post, if we were to look at economies as regions and not as nations, we californians aren't #6 - we're ichiban, numero uno. we create the future, as we have for over a century now.

    • We will see how long that last when they see their electricity cost jump by 50%. Where are the tens of mile of Wind Farms off the coast of california? might be an eye sore.....Liberals as such hypocrits.

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