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  • koujo_33 koujo_33 Oct 2, 2008 9:21 AM Flag

    Can anyone elaborate on Obama's coal policies?

    Mr. Jim Cramer continuously states how Obama is bad for coal....

    What will the real impact be when he becomes President because it doesn't look like McCain is going to win with Palin as the VP....She's hot but not the brightest bulb on the tree..

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    • I think this article sums it up.

      Like Kerry, he was for it, before he voted against it. It's sad and shows how little he cares for his "home" state.

    • Obama is alying greedy corrupt puppet willing to say or do anything to get elected!!! Maccain may not be soooooooooooooooooo stylish, but he has honor and integrety and would be a good president.

    • Obama's policy:

      Coal is only to be used for BBQing.

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      • moreyw Oct 2, 2008 4:58 PM Flag

        OBAMA bin BIDEN will destroy America that we know. Once we succumb to the Tyranny of Democrat Socialism in all three Branches of our Government, they will destroy/rewrite the Constitution and Bill of Rights, to become the Elitist Idiot Power to be. The rest of us will be at their mercy. But we will have good relaltions with Iran and Venezuela.

    • OBAMA is basically against coal. Like the wind bag he is naturally he is for wind power.

      OBAMA is a slick talker without substance. No one knows what he will or won't do if elected. My guess is that his primary agenda will a have little effect on America's primary issues. He said just in the debate that he concluded that AMERICA was about to have financial crisis so why then didn't he act to do something about it.? What is he waiting for? He is trying to make us all think he knows what to do after we all know what needs to be done. And it AIN'T electing another DEMOCRAT.

      I do hope that everyone realizes that this mess was the cause of the DEMOCRATS in Congress who passed legislation in 1992 and 1995 which mandated under the threat of fines and sanctions the banking industry to lower their lending criteria so that high-risk borrowers could qualify for loans. Now this is all coming home to roost.

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      • .......which mandated under the threat of fines and sanctions the banking industry to lower their lending criteria so that high-risk borrowers could qualify for loans.........

        There are video's circulating of the CSPAN hearings showing the Dems supporting Fannie and Freddie and the Repubs trying to regulate them. They protected Raines and now he is an Obama advisor. The SEC and FBI are investigating and Raines could be indicted before election day. Obama personally sued, through the legal firm he worked for, Citi to make more loans to blacks that couldn't pay.

        You may find these video's on YouTube, but they take them down almost a quick as we can repost them.

        As far as coal, or any other carbon fuel, we will be on mopeds and bikes eating our ration of rice when the Dems are finally satisfied. It's the Viet Nam model of saving the earth.

        Try here, this guy posted on his site:

      • you are silly, immature, uneducated, & uninformed.
        It means nothing to your small brain that the entire American financial system is under threat; which means huge structural changes are occurring in our banking arena.


        I beleive you nailed it. right on. I am loosing my ass along with most . Although I can't figgure out why coal has been singled out and just gutted.[conspiricy theory]I hate to say it but I hope the house doesn't pass the bail out. We need to get this over with now instead of delaying it.I was almost set for life and now it looks like 5 more years just to recover. I hope BTU bolts from the USA and starts the China, India, Japan,Austraila thing.Those people don,t have the liberals and left wing Gore's to deal with.I hope we have the coldest and darkest winter on record and the belt boys end up in the dark and freezing their tails off and run out of candles..They deserve it. I will be buying more tomorrow at these prices. I might as well go ALL IN..good luck to all..

      • outstanding!!!!

    • Remember what Cramer told us about Wachovia...nuff said.

    • i hope he screws the ghetto for being stupid and voting based on fear and personal greed. the real american class can always ship out to demark for four years until this bad wind blows over.

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