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  • aud802000 aud802000 Apr 6, 2009 11:34 PM Flag

    coal is dirty and doomed

    nuclear,solar, and wind power are the future. i guess thats the reason this co is buying assets in china. the price for coal will be dropping in the future as these technologies become cheaper to produce.

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    • Anyone who believes that coal is doomed anytime in the next 20 years has their heads up their butts.

    • all will be part of the "solution". When's the last time you saw a magic bullet in reality ??

      Populations doubles every 40 years, if we are twice as efficient then, we still use as much energy per capita (assuming india and china are statisfied with their standard of living and don't want more)

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      • An interesting article was linked in Beegdawgs post.

        Environmental Effects of Increased Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide, by Noah and Arthur Robinson, and Willie Soon, at Oregon Inst Science and Medicine.

        These three scientists show that global warming is occurring at the rate of 1/2 degree centigrade every century, beginning with the Little Ice Age in 1750. Global temperatures have varied only 3 degrees Centigrade over the last 3000 years, and correlate with solar activity (radiation), but not with human hydrocarbon use. The Sea Level is rising 7 inches per century because warm water is less dense than cool water. This is tied to the solar radiation mentioned earlier. Temperature measurement in the U.S. is usually performed in urban areas, which suffer from a "heat island effect" from massive concrete structures, and give false high readings. Atmospheric CO2 is only about 300 parts per million, our atmosphere is about 80% nitrogen and 20% oxygen.

        Atmospheric C02 fertilizes plants, and allows them to make glucose so we can eat it (corn, wheat, meat) and get our energy, and also allows them to make hydrocarbon fuel (oil, gas), and coal--mainly carbon, via bacterial degradation of plants and diatoms.

        CO2 reservoirs in the ocean exchange CO2 constantly with the atmosphere, and diminish the effect of CO2 contributed by man. Out-gassing of ocean C02 may be the principal determinant of atmospheric CO2.

        The global warming hypothesis is based on computer models, not experimental evidence. The main greenhouse gas is water vapor, not C02 nor methane.

        Amazon rain forests and wheat fields in the U.S. are thriving in the twenty-first century because of atmospheric CO2, which is plant fertilizer. Atmospheric C02 is required for all life on the planet, since it is the sole source of carbon for protein, carbohydrates, and fat, which life requires. Plants make sugar using photosynthesis, and we eat the sugar in the form of grains and meat.

        The authors conclude that the U.S. would be wise to develop nuclear power, since this could be exported to other nations and improve our balance of trade. They believe nuclear power is inexpensive, if taxes and environmental laws are at reasonable levels.

        By the time you work your way through this 12-page article, you'll want to buy shares in coal companies.


    • Maybe in 50 years , but for the next 10 years or so coal is king.

    • Yo... nuclear nutter ... check this out....

      In October 2007, Florida Power and Light (FPL), “a leader in nuclear power generation,” presented its detailed cost estimate for new nukes to the Florida Public Service Commission. It concluded that two units totaling 2,200 megawatts would cost from $5,500 to $8,100 per kilowatt — $12 billion to $18 billion total!(These are the actual costs, not adjusted for inflation.)

      In January 2008, MidAmerican Nuclear Energy Co said that prices were so high, it was ending its pursuit of a nuclear power plant in Payette County, Idaho, after spending $13 million researching its economic feasibility.

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      • AWESOME posts BEEGDAWG007
        I like the way you thnk and go get em. I could not have said it any better.Maybe some of these greenies will get the hint that a warmer world is so much better than a frozen one.Look at all the extra food we could grow. For that reason alone, life would be cheaper and better.These people wont get it until the lights go out and don't go back on for a while.

    • What a fantasy..

      Nuclear??? Say what. 2 new plants in Fla.. if ever built.. will cost $17B. The same energy from conventional coal plants would cost $2B.

      Germany is shutting down 17 nuclear plants by 2020.. (anti nuclear green environmentalists made that happen) and only 2 new plants are currently scheduled to be built in all of Europe - one in France and one in Denmark. Germany will replace the nukes with .. guess what ... clean coal! Google it if you don't believe me.

      Japan just announced that it will not be able to bring its largest nuclear facility to 100% production until 2011 so after an earthquake put the plant in danger - japan will buy another 1 million tons of coal this year and in 2010 as a result.

      Britain will shutter at least 2 nuclear plants in the next ten years.

      China plans to get only 5% of its power from nuclear by 2030.

      Coal is not "dirty". CO2 is now only 4 parts out of every 10,000 parts of the atmosphere and three of those CO2 molecules come from mother nature. CO2 nourishes plant growth. H2O causes 95% of all global warming... and I personally prefer global warming to global freezing. The ocean has been rising for 12,000 years and the planet has been getting warmer for 12,000 years. This CO2 hysteria is starting to get a dose of reality from real scientists who have finally had it with Al Gores junk science .... check this out.. dude!

    • this scenario won't happen unless there is massive government subsidy for alternative energys sources. the prospects for subsidy are less each day as US spends over budget.

    • In your deluded dreams.

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