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  • no1matemary no1matemary Mar 28, 2011 8:42 AM Flag


    Cramer pumped is a correct statement. But I agree with him and figure GS wants more shares before earnings. This is the last time to load up for traders. I am a long term investor in BTU.

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    • We had buying into the close which took us off the low of the day ($1 down) to roughly 45 cents. The volume on the sell side was also weak which is a positive.....In general the market was acting the same way......Call it MONDAY.....nobody wanted to work with the weather on the east coast being nice and in the 70's.....everybody turned the 'heaters' off.....Tomorrow might be a different story....

    • I agree. on 03/16/2011 the volume was over 15 Million, Since Then volume has been decreasing almost every day. Today's sell off has been the lowest volume yet. I am long BTU, I bought just before the Crammer pump. I am new to all of this but from what I have been reading, this is a good sign.... decreasing volume during a sell off.

      I don't think GS sold it's position, nor do I believe many (if any) large institutions have sold off their positions or else volume would have been increasing not decreasing. I think smart money is still with BTU.

      No one knows what a stock will do around earnings, but I will hold it as I don't see the GS down grade to be a good reason to sell at this point. Actions speak louder then words, and right now the low volume means lack of action.

    • Don't bet against GS. They know stuff before you and I would know. My bet is they know something about earnings going to suck this time.

    • I agree, GS are self serving scum bags. Just look at their testimonies before congress.

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      • Congress itself has become a laugh machine. They have let Obama run wild along with the epa and doe. D. of justice is run by gansters from Chiago and they all get richer. We need to take this country back and fix it before we hand it to our children. We have no business over in the Midddle East. If we had had a real D. of Energy for the last 40 years, we would be using all of our own resources and so many would not have to had to die. We could have 3 walls around the United States borders if we wanted for what we have spent on keeping the peace around the world. Our representatives do not protect or work for us. They use us to benefit theirselves. This is our countries last chance in this next election. Sorry for sounding off, I just wrote my congressman and the White House and I always get worked up after these letters.

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