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  • michaelisin4u michaelisin4u Aug 20, 2011 10:49 PM Flag

    1,000 gigawatts of electricity -- enough to power most of the U.S.


    Wind Farms Off the Coast of Rhode Island Could Generate 1,000 GW of Electricity

    Written by Megan Treacy on 18/08/11

    Secretary Ken Salazar made an appearance in Rhode Island today to announce that the Federal government was accepting applications for offshore wind farm projects off the coast of the state and that it would start signing offshore leases for those projects by 2012.

    Rhode Island is getting special attention because of the huge potential for offshore wind in the state. Salazar pointed to an NREL study that found that Rhode Island offshore wind farms could potentially generate 1,000 gigawatts of electricity -- enough to power most of the U.S.

    The state has already announced plans for a couple of offshore projects: one is a smaller wind farm that will power the currently diesel-generator-dependent Block Island and feed any excess power to the mainland and the other is the huge 1,000 MW Deepwater Wind Energy Center that will be located in the Rhode Island Sound with transmission lines running from Massachusetts to New York.

    With the government pledging to start signing offshore leases and the wealth of electricity that could be generated, there will likely be more cropping up soon.

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    • Wind energy is a pipe dream. Never Happen on a large scale to power the US. Europe has been trying it for Years and years, with little success. Wind,Solar are all a dream that we will not see in our lifetime.

    • Oh come on, you ought to investigate the "windmill" a bit closer. Sounds like a great "GREEN" solution but the realities are those white giants on a stick don't produce. The maintenance is continuous, they leak, blades fall off hubs, generators wear out and the list is long. The footprint for a small "wind farm" is huge... doubt RI has enough shoreline to produce a fraction of what you read. Heck, they are killing the Golden Eagle in CA faster than the can reproduce. Whoops, what happens when the wind decides to not blow fast enough or too fast. Does everone and every business shut down... don't tell me some battery will take over. Nope, windmills look great being transported on the highway, railroad, or like most, on some ship from some other country that can make them cheaper. Oh, I know the "GRID" connection for windmills is a snap... just plug in a bunch of power cords into a very large power strip. Forget, "Not in My Backyard" mentality being any obstruction to development. Oh, forgot that the EPA can simply confiscate your property.


    • Your fantasy is costing many people to lose their livelihood.I hope you have the decency to acknowledge this fact. The standard of living , the economic productivity and the wealth of the United States will decline as the EPA implements their green lunacy. Unemployment will soar. Obama is either a hypocrite or delusional when he claims he wants economic growth. "Green" shrinks the economy.

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