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  • no1matemary no1matemary Aug 22, 2011 11:33 AM Flag


    This stock is a buck and change off of year low. Building terminal to service China! India says it needs more coal! We need exports! We use it at a rate of 45% for our heating fuel! CEO says we are at START OF SUPERCYCLE! LOW PE AND LOW DEBT! THIS IS A BUY!

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    • What a lead up to Friday's meeting with Ben.......Gold drops something like $150 in two days, WTI is down 17 cents, and the DOW is up 140.....and utilities like PEG are going through the roof....Either we're going to get something that is very reassuring or all hell is going to break loose......

    • Biden was in China trying to reassure the Chinese that we are good for all the money we owe them and made some bizarre comments. Its sad that we are in debt to the Chinese and the Vice President of the United States has to do the kow tow. Since history has been recorded, the holder of the debt has power over the debtor. China needs coal.Much of Chinese coal production is labor intensive, antiquated, and inefficient. I am sure they made it cleat to Mr. Biden that they expect no barriers to coal production or exports by the EPA or anyone else in the Obama administration. Large amounts of US coal production that should be powering the US economy will be sent to China. The EPA is closing coal fired plants in the US. It will be interesting to see if the US has actual power outages or coal supplies get tight for domestic use. IMHO this will cause an increase in coal prices in the next six to nine months. Peabody and the stock should do well. $64 by March 2012.

    • I agree!!! Well put!

    • This has been in full sell mode since the end of April with a few 5-10 pops along the way......Unfortunately the psychology has turned more ugly lately. If you own it like I do then all your trying to do now is damage control to the bottom line on your portfolio. It may be a great company with bright prospects for the future but right now its one of the worst investments on the planet.......

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